Synonyms for Extremely:


extremely (adverb)
excessively, overwhelmingly, distinctly, outstandingly, intensely, extraordinarily, unusually, drastically, radically, severely.
violently (adverb)


all (adverb)
awfully (adverb)
dreadfully, much, greatly.
eminently (adverb)
outstandingly, very.
extremely (adverb)
exceptionally, most, awfully, extraordinarily, distinctly, severely, overwhelmingly, radically, exceedingly, drastically, unusually, highly, notably, excessively, outstandingly, intensely, remarkably.
greatly (adverb)
eminently, most.
highly (adverb)
awful, mighty, highly.


much, remarkably, very, notably. big, extra, awful, exceptionally, eminently, dreadfully, most, awfully, greatly, mighty. extremely (noun)
exceedingly, passing, super, highly.

Other synonyms:

dreadfully. awfully, greatly, notably, eminently. exceptionally, much, mighty. extra. very. exceedingly

Usage examples for extremely

  1. I am extremely happy to make your acquaintance, Captain Rombold. – Fighting for the Right by Oliver Optic
  2. Silver would be certain to make himself extremely disagreeable. – Red Money by Fergus Hume
  3. We owe it to the bishop, who is extremely well affected to the country, and in whom we must trust. – The Makers of Canada: Bishop Laval by A. Leblond de Brumath