Synonyms for Hysterical:


beside oneself (adjective)
unbalanced, demented, insane.
crazed (adjective)
lunatic, certifiable, deranged.
crazy (adjective)
ardent, fanatical.
demented (adjective)
psycho, psychotic, schizoid, maniacal.
destructive (adjective)
distraught (adjective)
confused, troubled.
excited (adjective)
hysterical (adjective)
frenzied, agitated, delirious, passionate, raving, Fuming, rampant, uncontrollable, frantic, carried away, tempestuous, irrepressible, blazing, maddened, distracted, neurotic, impetuous, panic-stricken, violent, overwrought, rabid, possessed, fiery, uproarious, impassioned, unnerved, berserk, crazy, emotional, crazed, convulsive, turbulent, unrestrained, vehement, uncontrolled, distraught, mad, raging, incensed, beside oneself, furious, in a fit, nervous, spasmodic.
insane (adjective)
deranged, irrational, babbling, nutty, brain-sick, neurotic, psycho, frenzied, unbalanced, berserk, crazy, psychotic, schizoid, batty, blithering, feverish, insane, demented, lunatic, crazed, Crack-brained, maniacal, mad, kooky, delirious.
psychical (adjective)
astrological, psychological, psychoanalytical, psychic, telepathic, mystical, hypnotic, subliminal, mental, spiritual, supernatural, hallucinatory.
uncontrolled (adjective)


passionate, troubled, jittery, on a laughing jag, turbulent, beside oneself, in a fit, rampant, frothing, Fuming, emotional, tempestuous, blazing, maddened, fiery, distraught, intense, in a frazzle, wild-eyed, furious, distracted, amuck, boiling, fanatical, raging, panic-stricken, unrestrained, ardent, uncontrolled, irrepressible, uproarious, crazed, impassioned, thing, uncontrollable, affected with hysteria, torrid, cracked wide open, wildly emotional, rabid, suffering from hysteria, impetuous, violent, wrought-up, unnerved, morbidly excited, excited, vehement, overwrought, carried away, spasmodic, soulful, possessed, tempest-tossed, resembling hysteria, convulsive, emotionally disordered, raving, Harrowed, on a crying jag, incensed, nervous, overexcited, frantic, histrionic, angry, confused. extreme, perverse, unreasonable, childish, wrong, absurd, irresponsible. funny, priceless, playful, wry, amusing. hysterical (noun)
hysteric, neurotic, psychoneurotic, agitated.
mentally ill (noun)
certifiable, depressed, diminished responsibility, bipolar.

Other synonyms:

priceless, wrong, raging, impassioned, absurd, unreasonable, overwrought, torrid, childish, perverse, soulful, amusing, histrionic, funny, intense, tempestuous, ardent, irresponsible, passionate. fiery, uproarious, violent, extreme, wry, emotional, playful. blazing. aroused
mentally ill
certifiable, depressed, confused, diminished responsibility, bipolar.

Usage examples for hysterical

  1. Hysterical by now, she rang the bells of other floors. – Carnival by Compton Mackenzie
  2. His father and mother tried to calm him, and to get a more exact account from him of what had happened; but, between their alarm and his hysterical crying, all was confusion. – Hetty's Strange History by Anonymous
  3. Miss Hargrove was very pale, but she was a spirited girl, and was bent on proving that there was nothing weak or hysterical in her nature. – Nature's Serial Story by E. P. Roe