Synonyms for Fiery:


all (adjective)
angry (adjective)
brave (adjective)
bright (adjective)
glinting, blazing, fluorescent, incandescent, neon, flaring, glaring, brilliant, lustrous, luminescent, garish, flashing, blinding, shimmering, glittering, vivid, radiating, sparkling, dazzling, beaming, radiant, lucid, luminous, bright, phosphorescent, glowing, glistening, shining, illuminating, well lit, scintillating, lurid, gleaming.
emotional (adjective)
enthusiastic (adjective)
high-spirited, fervent.
excitable (adjective)
high-strung, reckless, volatile, tempestuous, touchy, brittle, combustible, volcanic, edgy, quick-tempered, hot-tempered, crusty, rash, impulsive, excitable, fragile, passionate, explosive, stormy, short-tempered, emotional, cranky, irritable, ardent, nervous, sensitive.
excited (adjective)
feverish, inflamed, animated, burning, attentive, effervescent, stimulated, Energized, excited, disquieted, fervent, disturbed, anxious, agitated, electrified, aroused, passionate, ardent, breathless, turbulent, exhilarated, impassioned.
feisty (adjective)
hot (adjective)
scorching, hot, scalding, sizzling, glowing, sweltering, temperate, tropical, Searing, warm, igneous, feverish, torrid, broiling, baking, blistering, burning, roasting.
hot-blooded (adjective)
irritable (adjective)
on fire (adjective)
blazing, ablaze.
passionate; on fire (adjective)
perfervid, igneous, flaming, inflamed, excitable, Conflagrant, peppery, aflame, burning, irritable, hot-blooded, heated, afire, impulsive, blazing, enthusiastic, impassioned, alight, spirited, fervid, flaring, hot, glowing, hot-tempered, combustible, feverish, ablaze.
temperamental (adjective)
vigorous (adjective)
fervent, zealous, excited, ardent, eager, burning, potent, passionate, energetic, strenuous, emphatic, frisky, exuberant, prolific, afire, agitated, enthusiastic, animated, lusty, vigorous, earnest, active, hearty, impassioned, mettlesome, full-blooded, peppy, zippy, spirited, lively, strong, puissant, industrious, ablaze, virile, sprightly, zestful, powerful.


burn, on fire, red hot, roaring. histrionic, blistering, hysterical, sizzling, heated, sultry, boiling, soulful. bittersweet, acid, astringent, bitter, action, flavored, peppery, high-spirited, feelings, vibrant, snappy, acidic, chocolatey, chocolate, brackish. fractious, bad-tempered, moody, temperamental, dithyrambic, hot-blooded. fiery (noun)
flaming, torrid, fervent, hot, burning, ardent, passionate, fervid, perfervid, igneous, impassioned.
on fire (noun)
aflame, Conflagrant, alight.
passionate (noun)

Other synonyms:

dithyrambic, chocolatey, burn, flavored, blistering, bittersweet, roaring, chocolate, sizzling, hot-blooded, hysterical. acidic, red hot, vibrant. high-spirited, astringent. peppery. acid. boiling. fervent
on fire
Conflagrant, aflame.

Usage examples for fiery

  1. Then will many words be written there for thee, and written in fiery letters for thee easily to read. – Light On The Path and Through the Gates of Gold by Mabel Collins
  2. She was the girl of the fiery heart, not the large heart; she could never be devoted to more than one at a time, and her mistress had all her heart. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. The fiery woman had still a peculiar way of keeping her eyes fixed on my baggage. – An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet by A. Henry Savage Landor