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mad - 309 results
angry (adjective)

furious, irate, exasperated, enraged, pissed off, irritated, displeased, incensed, angry, indignant.

lunatic (adjective)

crazy, neurotic, crackpot, kooky, nutty, psychotic, fiendish, lunatic.

Other synonyms:

queasy, bubbleheaded, diminished responsibility, preposterous, nauseous, brainless, cheesed off, crazed, unwise, slow-witted, bughouse, buggy, infuriated, wrathful, sensitive, senseless, unearthly, daft, barmy, infuriate, sore, unthinking, featherheaded, simpleminded, ticked, fool, fatuous, ardent, cockeyed, horn-mad, excited, unintelligent, shallow, wud, witless, fierce, grim, over-the-top, haywire, ill, fool, fuming, teed off, demented, asinine, livid, apoplectic, distracted, ballistic, warm, loony tunes, thin-skinned, bubbleheaded, disquieted, balmy, disordered, half-baked, macabre, wrathful, riled, inflamed, crackers, raging, distressed, unsound, crazy, bipolar, stupid, certifiable, pale, fatuous, hot, nauseated, sickish, knowledge, ireful, choleric, painful, bats, put out, ireful, fruity, steaming, angry, rankled, annoyed, dopey, foaming, impetuous, barmy, haywire, phrenetic, unwise, impulsive, certifiable, disturbed, rabid, imbalanced, tender, sick of, worried, mental, cheesed off, sane, shirty, hasty, foaming, fuming, dotty, raw, violent, shirty, steaming, frenetic, gruesome, calm, ridiculous, keen, meshuga, confused, harebrained, grisly, angered, tomfool, ferocious, steamed up, inept, maladjusted, riley, featherheaded, screwy, half-witted, wacko, disgusted, screwball, gaga, wud, idiotic, activated, hallucinating, delirious, emotional, ludicrous, mental, aroused, unhinged, simple-minded, insane, scatty, depressed, undiscriminating, foolish, brainless, hopping, feelings, huffy, bughouse, outraged, imbecilic, bonkers, dippy, lunkheaded, inflamed, daffy, ballistic, gung ho, half-witted, horn-mad, witless, tired of, belligerent, violent, wacky, teed off, bananas, roiled, wild, laughable, outraged, unbalanced, ill-considered, livid, loony tunes, bedlam, inept, angered, senseless, fierce, touched, simpleminded, stupid, crackbrained, loopy, cranky, wroth, concern, cross, infuriate, cracked, brainsick, nonsensical, feisty, touchy, asinine, silly, maniac, weak-minded, loony, wan, afflictive, ferocious, cranky, sappy, nuts, softheaded, thick, hopping, frantic, hot, mindless, pallid, weak-minded, slow, wacko, childish, wroth, steamed up, riled, lunkheaded, moronic, cuckoo, bedlam, infuriated, rankled, irresponsible, zealous, ghastly, riley, mentally ill, roiled, ability, absurd, meshuga, wrong, madding, zany, scatty, upset, distraught, non compos mentis, fervent, bats, ticked, sick, worked up, not in your right mind/not right in the head, fed up, moonstruck, crackbrained, enthusiastic, unrestrained, crazed, apoplectic, loco, empty-headed, jerky, off.

Examples of usage:

" I asked you if you had gone mad. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.

" I guess we ought to be mad. - "The Egyptian Cat Mystery", Harold Leland Goodwin.

I must forget, or I shall go mad myself!... - "The Heart of Una Sackville", Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey.

Similar words:

raving mad, like mad, self-made, tailor-made, ready-made, purpose-made, new-made, custom-made, camp-made, factory-made.

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