Synonyms for Driving:


all (adjective)
forceful (adjective)
compelling, urging, lively, vigorous, energetic, active, dynamic, enterprising.
motivational (adjective)
Inciting, moving, firing, prompting, propelling, impelling, goading, pushing, slinging, prodding, motivational, jolting, launching, Nudging, hastening.
propelling (adjective)
thrusting, Flinging, hurling, compelling, impelling, pushing, propelling, pitching, heaving, goading, Shoving, Throwing.
vigorous (adjective)


causative, formative, active, enterprising, deciding, action, enabling, brisk, zippy, causal, spry, vigorous, sprightly, peppy, productive, decisive, lively, instrumental, snappy, effective. act (noun)
driving (noun)
impulsive, drive, dynamical, dynamic, energetic.
persuading (noun)


battling (verb)
Scuffling, Scrambling, engaging, conflicting, Combating, fighting, Battling, campaigning, tussling, struggling, Contesting.
causing (verb)
inducing, Eliciting, causing, Effecting, inspiring, acting, provoking, engineering, giving rise to, executing, Producing, bringing about, Originating, Evoking, Forcing, making, Engendering, Enforcing, Generating, motivating.
compelling (verb)
intimidating, Browbeating, daunting, urging, nagging, bullying, stimulating, galvanizing, mandating, hijacking, stressing, pressuring, Inciting, Dictating, Dragooning, obliging, Coercing, Bulldozing, Fomenting, pressing.
energizing (verb)
Empowering, Charging, firing, energizing, powering, invigorating, rousing, activating, sparking, reviving, recharging.
motivating (verb)
hurtling, fermenting, prompting, Nudging, knocking, striking, enticing, poking, jostling, Magnetizing, Bumping, hastening, shooting, moving, encouraging, triggering, jerking, Punching, jolting, Instigating, jogging.
propelling (verb)
pushing, bowling, Throwing, Shoving, launching, Canting, compelling, catapulting, Flicking, pelting, casting, propelling, pitching, bunting, goading, prodding, Butting, projecting, heaving, precipitating, tossing, hurling, slinging, chucking, Lobbing, Ramming, Flinging, impelling, thrusting, Shunting.
wandering (verb)
rambling, Strolling, touring, walking, journeying, tripping, Trekking, coursing, traveling, wandering, Promenading, Roaming, marching, Hiking, roving, Sojourning, cycling, Ambling, Jaunting.

Other synonyms:

formative, zippy, deciding. enabling, causal, decisive, causative, effective. instrumental, sprightly, snappy, enterprising, spry, productive. vigorous, active, lively, brisk, peppy. Other relevant words:
causative, energetic, active, enabling, drive, action, effective, brisk, zippy, causal, spry, vigorous, sprightly, lively, peppy, dynamic, impulsive, enterprising, snappy, dynamical.

Usage examples for driving

  1. And in less nor a six months 'tis along to church as you'll be a- driving she. – Six Plays by Florence Henrietta Darwin
  2. Ten minutes more, and they were driving back to Polterham. – Denzil Quarrier by George Gissing
  3. Isn't it driving you crazy? – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau