Synonyms for List:


911, 1471, 999, 1800 number, 0, 800 number, 411, 900 number, 190 number, 0800 number. raise, talk in terms of something, come up, allude to, invoke, refer to, touch on, tell of. checklist, hot list, blacklist, hit list, blue book, tick off, formula, specific. dock, remember, capsize, founder, cast off, write down, come about, enroll, set down, heave to, hydroplane, inscribe, ground, go about. hear out, strain your eyes/ears, eavesdrop, hear from, follow, read someone's lips, listen in, hang on someone's every word. hearken, sounds. amount (noun)
book (noun)
folio, booklet, verse, leaflet, tract, pamphlet, textbook, treatise, magazine, manual, report, play book, brochure, chapter, serial, volume, monograph, script, compendium, insert, publication, handbook, work, tome, libretto.
collection (noun)
communication (noun)
line-up (noun)
list (noun)
daybook, name, account, yearbook, census, workbook, documentation, schedule, tablet, annals, manifest, collection, number, docket, detail, pad, calendar, sum, lean, listing, itemization, check, ledger, roll, store, recount, log, book, chronicle, journal, logbook, catalog, count, menu, total, scrapbook, inventory, bill, enumeration, score, summary, tally, recording, novel, blank-book, registry, treasury, record, statement, notebook, repertory, annual, tilt, Storybook, leaning, register, dictionary, waybill, cash book, thesaurus, file, index, diary, budget, inclination, history, invoice, album, lexicon, table, roster, Bank book, scroll, tabulate, digest.
record, tabulation (noun)
arrangement, dictionary, schedule, draft, agenda, bill, lineup, outline, enumeration, menu, archive, gazette, listing, ballot, tally, program, file, lexicon, slate, docket, index, register, invoice, checklist, panel, account, roll, census, table, directory, memorandum, bulletin, inventory, calendar, thesaurus, poll, brief, prospectus, catalog, scroll, manifest, syllabus, vocabulary.
table (noun)
table, table of contents.


communication (verb)
keep a record; tabulate (verb)
detail, note, enumerate, record, write down, enroll, inscribe, set down, itemize, insert, book, tick off, chronicle.
lean, slant (verb)
list (verb)
document, Journalize, audit, itemize, collect, summarize, enumerate, note.
motion (verb)
roll (verb)
bulletin, prospectus, ballot, lineup, gazette, backlist, arrangement, directory, agenda, shortlist, poll, bibliography, bill of lading, panel, brief, draft, slate, archive, bill of fare, enrollment, subscribers, program, memorandum, outline, laundry list, vocabulary, glossary, syllabus, muster, table of contents.

Other synonyms:

lineup, program. hearken. enroll, inscribe. catalogue
write down.
name, refer to.
set down.

Usage examples for list

  1. Wish I could write- what a list I would make, if it was only of the things he denieth he hath got!" – Springhaven A Tale of the Great War by R. D. Blackmore
  2. " Pallou's stock- list he said. – By Reef and Palm by Louis Becke
  3. Have you made out a list – Those Dale Girls by Frank Weston Carruth