Synonyms for Loaded:


heavy (adjective)
impure (adjective)
intoxicated (adjective)
plastered, smashed, high, wired, bombed, inebriated, stoned.
plastered (adjective)
ready to discharge (adjective)
primed, ready, charged.
supplied with a load (adjective)
full, laden.
tipsy (adjective)
tipsy, fuddled.
tricky (adjective)
leading, touchy, deceitful.
wealthy (adjective)


Rapid-fire, semiautomatic, automatic, double-barreled. interrogative, open-ended, heavy, unanswered, unasked, heavy-laden, unanswerable. boozy, lit, blind, crapulent, bombed, stinko, stinking, inebriate, potted, sodden, stoned, Drugs, high, Boozed, looped, zonked, pickled, crapulous, stewed. drunk (noun)
hard-drinking, hungover, alcoholic.
intoxicated (noun)
loaded (noun)
laden, wet, plastered, smashed, ladened, flush, intoxicated, moneyed, blotto, wealthy, pixilated, tiddly, fuddled, slopped, affluent, rich, soaked, soused, tight, tiddley, blind drunk, live, sozzled, prejudiced, undischarged, tipsy, besotted, discriminatory, unexploded, inebriated, crocked, squiffy, stiff, potty, pie-eyed, sloshed, full.
rich (noun)
comfortably off, in the lap of luxury, prosperous, in funds, comfortable.
tricky (noun)
tricky, touchy, deceitful, leading.

Other synonyms:

impure, Boozed, Doctored, semiautomatic, heavy-laden, looped, boozy, crapulous, pickled, crapulent, alloyed, stinko, Rapid-fire, bombed, potted, stewed, ridden. inebriate, stoned, zonked, double-barreled, lit, unanswerable, adulterated, load down, open-ended, unanswered, stinking, flavored. supporting, sophisticated, interrogative, sodden. automatic. blind. high. heavy.

Usage examples for loaded

  1. Of course, it was not loaded – The Burial of the Guns by Thomas Nelson Page
  2. " They loaded old Lane up with threats of what he'd do. – King Spruce, A Novel by Holman Day
  3. Both the rifles were still lying loaded under the shelter, probably under the very feet of the bear. – Northern Diamonds by Frank Lillie Pollock