Synonyms for Withdrawn:


cool (adjective)
offish, undemonstrative.
extracted (adjective)
Extracted, Amputated, drawn, removed, Eradicated, Excavated, extricated.
hidden, remote (adjective)
removed, departed, isolated.
relinquished (adjective)
abandoned, Disclaimed, released, Renounced, forsaken, shed, Waived, foregone, Capitulated, Vacated, Abdicated, relinquished, surrendered, resigned, disowned, deserted.
remote (adjective)
restrained (adjective)
secluded (adjective)
unapproachable (adjective)
unsociable (adjective)
standoffish, cool, solitary, distant, undemonstrative, retiring, remote, aloof, shy, uncommunicative, retired, recluse, reserved, offish, reclusive.


antisocial, keep to yourself, insular, two's company, three's a crowd, isolated, self-contained, stay-at-home, active, absent, involved. remote, undemonstrative, chilly, reticent, hot, Begun, offish, Befallen, Arisen, standoffish, bitten, Borne, Bidden, solitary, distant, chill, aloof, uncommunicative, attitude, Been, unapproachable, begotten, cool, blown, Bestridden. introverted (noun)
shy, aloof, retiring.
withdrawn (noun)
reserved, reclusive, unsocial, recluse, indrawn.


annulled (verb)
obliterated, undone, Annulled, Effaced, extinguished, Deleted, Eliminated, dissolved, Refuted, dismissed, Canceled, destroyed, Undid, invalidated, Abnegated, nullified, Denied, disaffirmed, Vetoed, repudiated, negated, Disavowed, neutralized, divorced, Abolished, Eradicated, Revoked, retracted.
departed (verb)
Went, departed, gone, parted, quit, Withdrew, abandoned, Embarked, exited, Decamped, Fled, left.
extracted (verb)
gave up (verb)
gave up, given up, resigned, stopped, surrendered, Desisted, Ceased, relinquished, discontinued.
relinquished (verb)
Forsook, Forgone, defected, Forwent, gave given quit, shedded.
resigned (verb)
retired, accepted, rejected, terminated.
withdrew (verb)
recalled, retained, reserved, Recanted, kept, suppressed, held, withheld.

Other synonyms:

offish, stay-at-home. self-contained, aloof, antisocial, standoffish. uncommunicative, distant, reticent. chilly. solitary, chill, cool. remote. distant
Other relevant words:
recluse, shy, distant, reclusive, isolated, uncommunicative, offish, unapproachable, solitary, reticent, chill, stay-at-home, unsocial, remote, insular, cool, absent, self-contained, aloof, standoffish, retiring, antisocial, indrawn, chilly, undemonstrative.

Usage examples for withdrawn

  1. Sufficient time was allowed to elapse, to avoid comment, whereupon the officer was withdrawn from the block. – Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman
  2. It must have been so, for at the moment Lady Glencora's eye met Alice's for an instant, and was then withdrawn so that Alice was compelled to think that her friend and cousin was not always quite successful in those struggles she made to be proper. – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope
  3. The resolution was later withdrawn – Story of the Session of the California Legislature of 1909 by Franklin Hichborn