Synonyms for Cheat:


politician, confidence man, sharp, mountebank, hypocrite, Cozener, liar, crook, sharper, chiseler, wheeler dealer, bluff, Inveigler, pettifogger, fixer, Diddler, impostor, pretender, fourflusher, Enticer, CONMAN, brown-nose, dissembler, humbug, decoy, flimflammer, shark, masquerader, quack, Double dealer. dirty tricks, scheme, hoax, ploy, prank, deceit. enormity, depravity, excess, honest, diddle, mulct, decadence, villainy, immorality, iniquity, flimflam, cozen, rook, sin, trim, DO, take, wrong, evil, gull, stick, victimize, sting. entrap, fool around, womanize, double cross, string along, mess around, play around, philander. hustle, insinuate yourself (into something), pack, be caught with your hand in the cookie jar, get your hands dirty, copy. cohabit, court, dally with, carry on, go together, date, go out, go with. cheat (noun)
cheat on, chouse, beat, chisel, slicker, deceiver, bearded darnel, rig, chess, beguiler, cheater, jockey, darnel, swindle, shaft, cheating, chicane, Lolium Temulentum, rip off, trickster, tare, wander, betray, Bromus Secalinus, cuckold.
deceiver (noun)
con man, con artist, charlatan, criminal, forger, fraud, fake, imposter, phony, Double dealer, counterfeiter, deceiver.
hypocrite (noun)
hypocrite, masquerader, dissembler.
impostor (noun)
beguiler, pettifogger.
person who fools others (noun)
deceiver, masquerader, charlatan, jockey, swindler, rascal, bluff, sharper, hypocrite, chiseler, decoy, rogue, quack, trickster, shyster, fake, impostor, shark, Cozener, Enticer, Defrauder, Inveigler, con artist, crook, pretender.
trick (noun)
humbug, wrong, sting, hustle, hoax, fraud, deceit, flimflam, swindle, gyp.
villain (noun)
gyp, sneak, shyster, heel, delinquent, knave, mischief-maker, swindler, rogue, trickster, evildoer, rascal, villain, scalawag, miscreant, scamp, rapscallion, traitor, Defrauder, blackguard, bad guy.


deceive (verb)
counterfeit, bilk, betray, defraud, falsify, fool, dupe, forge, mislead, swindle, deceive, delude.
defraud, fool (verb)
cozen, trim, beat, diddle, dupe, rip off, delude, rook, mislead, bilk, defraud, deceive, take, DO, victimize, chisel, shaft.
social (verb)
chisel, rip off.

Other synonyms:

Lolium temulentum
Lolium Temulentum.
double cross, Cozener, chiseler, play around, politician, flimflammer, pettifogger, wheeler dealer, shark, cohabit, fool around, entrap, Diddler, dally with, CONMAN, diddle, womanize. fixer, cozen, victimize, philander, humbug, hoax, flimflam. gull, go together, mulct, sting, string along, copy. go with, hustle, crook. carry on. date. beat. trim. court, go out. pack. take, DO. deceive
mountebank, sharper.
confidence man.
Other relevant words:
darnel, rip off, play around, flimflam, chisel, sting, crook, double cross, Enticer, Inveigler, DO, shark, decoy, masquerader, take, confidence man, bluff, liar, flimflammer, gull, dissembler, victimize, hustle, rig, chess, chouse, politician, Bromus Secalinus, diddle, hoax, impostor, mulct, deceit, mess around, womanize, stick, fourflusher, Diddler, philander, hypocrite, jockey, cozen, cuckold, humbug, shaft, wrong, rook, pack, chicane, fool around, mountebank, sin, sharper, cheat on, bearded darnel, cheater, quack, CONMAN, trim, beat, Double dealer, cheating, sharp, Cozener, tare, beguiler, pretender, Lolium Temulentum, slicker, wander, court, copy, chiseler.

Usage examples for cheat

  1. " If that be so, then art thee bound to prove her innocent, that I may not say to all the world, thee mightest have put her honour to the test and dared not- choosing rather to cheat thyself and be cheated by her, than know thyself dishonoured. – A Set of Rogues by Frank Barrett
  2. Let him adopt in peace the motto, " I cheat to eat." – A Cynic Looks at Life Little Blue Book #1099 by Ambrose Bierce