Synonyms for Granted:


acquired (adjective)
assumed (adjective)
accepted, given.
blessed (adjective)
expected (adjective)
given (adjective)
given, Allowed, Submitted, paid, Supplied, assigned, expended, endowed, Disbursed, pledged, Imparted, allotted, Ascribed, Offered, lent, bestowed, Provided, Attributed, Showered, Consigned, Rendered, Served, sent, furnished, Tendered, Awarded, presented, dispensed, Bequeathed, Doled, donated, Lavished, rationed, shared, Delivered, Contributed.
legal (adjective)
loaned (adjective)
advanced, bestowed.
offered (adjective)
invited, Issued, Submitted, presented, Offered, Quoted, given, extended, Imparted, Rendered.
privileged (adjective)
supplied (adjective)
endowed, Replenished, Catered, Supplied, Delivered, fed, dispensed, Contributed, Provided, Deployed, donated.
transferred (adjective)
Consigned, assigned, Transferred, exchanged.


granted (adverb)
acknowledged, assumed.
yes (adverb)


actually, true, I must confess, admittedly, sure, all-right, to be sure, my bad, let's face it. accepted, assumed. accept (noun)
consider true, consider settled, presume, assume.
granted (noun)
acknowledged, given.


gave (verb)
Lavished, shared, donated, Consigned, Helped, Showered, furnished, Delivered, Ascribed, expended, Awarded, devoted, pledged, allotted, Served, assisted, Supplied, Contributed, funded, dispensed, assigned, Doled, paid, rationed, Attributed, lent, Bequeathed, Allowed, sent, Provided, Disbursed.
grant (verb)
offered (verb)
endowed, advanced, Approached, bestowed, given, Offered, presented, Cited, Bidden, Quoted, Dealt, Imparted, extended, Rendered, Submitted, bid, invited, attempted, Tendered, Gave, Issued.
rewarded (verb)
induced, Enticed, sweetened, Tempted, tipped, remunerated, compensated, Lured, Rewarded, treated, honored.
supplied (verb)
clad, Catered, Deployed, clothed, reinforced, fed, Boarded, reloaded, Replenished.
transferred (verb)
changed hands, sold, handed over.

Other synonyms:

taken for granted
Other relevant words:
accepted, assumed, presume, acknowledged, admittedly, actually, assume, true, sure.

Usage examples for granted

  1. And it came into my head that this might happen, for often and often when I have been very anxious to serve some one, the wish has been granted in a quite wonderful way. – Cecilia de Noël by Lanoe Falconer
  2. Patience has had its perfect work; and that 'peace that passeth all understanding' is the reward granted you." – At the Mercy of Tiberius by August Evans Wilson
  3. To my mind the most wonderful part of the idea was that he should take my consent for granted – Kent Knowles: Quahaug by Joseph C. Lincoln