Synonyms for Impulse:


arc, rush, active, alternating current, pressure, vibration, charge, throb, shock, brownout, arc light, movement, surge, augmentation, propulsion, ac. consumer goods, offering, merchandise, acquisition, loss leader, inspiration, hunch, wares, goods, come-on, thought, product, extemporization, motive, freak, wish, flash, bundle, appeal, fancy, bent, spontaneity. feelings, cause, mood, spur, your inner self, heart, encouragement, sensation, fillip, frame of mind, stimulant, temper, emotion, Stimulator, undercurrent. fit, flush, bee, conceit, spasm, humor, megrim, Boutade, spurt, outburst, twinge. caprice (noun)
vagary, humor, thought.
drive, resolve (noun)
fancy, bent, flash, caprice, whim, spontaneity, hunch, appeal, spur, incitement, urge, motive, thought, inspiration, extemporization, motivation, wish, impulsion, vagary.
impulse (noun)
strike, urge, motivation, prod, bump, thrust, pitch, jerk, momentum, shot, poke, impetus, caprice, pulse, jog, pulsation, punch, nudge, sling, pulsing, whim, vagary, jolt, nerve impulse, push, impulsion, shove, knock.
motivation (noun)
impetus, incentive, drive, energy, lure, incitement, inducement, stimulus, provocation, instigation, stimulation.
motive (noun)
throb, stimulus (noun)
impetus, surge, shock, pulse, momentum, vibration, augmentation, pressure, drive, shove, movement, propulsion, push, bump, rush, pulsation, thrust.

Other synonyms:

flush, freak, megrim, Boutade, Stimulator, inspiration, flash. stimulant, outburst, twinge, spur, spasm. conceit, spurt, fillip, bee. encouragement, surge. fancy. humor, rush. fit. incentive
Other relevant words:
emotion, extemporization, conceit, cause, temper, outburst, Stimulator, bundle, appeal, twinge, pulsation, goods, humor, charge, wares, augmentation, undercurrent, offering, mood, product, freak, bent, merchandise, feelings, heart, pressure, fit, urge, vagary, spurt, active, spasm, caprice, inspiration, arc, movement, ac, hunch, propulsion, thought, encouragement, Boutade, acquisition, vibration, spur, motive, whim, pulsing, throb, pulse, rush, flush, surge, impulsion, spontaneity, flash, wish, fillip, bee, shock, megrim, stimulant, sensation, fancy, nerve impulse, brownout.

Usage examples for impulse

  1. Gwynneth had never told a soul about this, she was so ashamed of her unmaidenly impulse but she still remembered the look of pleasure that had flashed through his pain, and the kind sad voice which both answered her question and thanked her for asking it. – Peccavi by E. W. Hornung
  2. His first impulse was to go back at once and give her another hearing. – From Jest to Earnest by E. P. Roe
  3. Upon impulse Penny decided to stop at the Star plant to make sure that everything was going well. – Ghost Beyond the Gate by Mildred A. Wirt