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Undergone - 36 results
Other synonyms:

submitted to, encountered, shared, withstood, gone through, supported, known.

Examples of usage:

She waited until she heard the door relocked; then took up her belongings, which were well tumbled by the inspection they had undergone. - "The Lost Despatch", Natalie Sumner Lincoln.

Most of us have undergone this sensation at one time or another, with less cause then had poor James. - "Mr. Meeson's Will", H. Rider Haggard.

Neither am I of sufficiently tragic mood to report here all the sufferings undergone by an unhappy family in finding servants, or to tell how the winter was passed with miserable makeshifts. - "Masterpieces Of American Wit And Humor", Thomas L. Masson (Editor).

Similar words:

underdone, undercoat, undercover, undercover agent, undercover work, underdog, underage, undefined, undercoated, underbodice.

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