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congested - 63 results
Other synonyms:

bulging, dense, stuffed, overcrowded, teeming, packed, full, busy, engorged, crowded.

Examples of usage:

He did not rise till late at noon; and as he was generally somewhat stupefied on rising by the drink he had taken the night before, and by the congested brain which the heaviness of such sleep produced, he could not at first believe that Cutts had altogether abandoned the enterprise- rather thought that, with his habitual wariness, that Ulysses of the Profession had gone forth to collect further information in the neighbourhood of the proposed scene of action. - "What Will He Do With It, Book 10.", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

I didn't want him brought here so I ran off and got some men who are building a Congested Districts Board house on the Tubber road to lift him. - "Love of Brothers", Katharine Tynan.

The world is congested with doubters. - "Lefty Locke Pitcher-Manager", Burt L. Standish.

Similar words:

self-conceited, self-confessed, socially connected, rotary converter, synchronous converter, spelling contest, self-conceitedly, self-consistent, self-contained, Saint Edward The confessor.

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