Synonyms for Impure:


bastard (adjective)
mixed, imperfect.
black (adjective)
spotted, grimy, stained, dingy, uncleanly.
blemished (adjective)
defaced, cracked, flawed, marked, marred, chipped, tarnished, discolored, scarred, pockmarked, Scuffed, splotched, blemished, imperfect, flecked, Scored, defective, gashed, spoiled, disfigured, blotched, blistered, Scabbed, slit, Hacked, scraped, fractured, stained, specked, distorted, freckled, damaged, abraded, Nicked, scratched, deformed, spotted, notched, tainted.
coarse (adjective)
harsh, raw, scatological, improper, unpurified, offensive.
dirty (adjective)
unclean, sordid.
impure (adjective)
obscene, contaminated, slovenly, sordid, unrefined, smutty, defective, unclean, grubby, blemished, debased, adulterated, imperfect, Doctored, dirty, tainted, unchaste, corrupt, wicked, polluted, filthy, alloyed, immoral, lewd, squalid, defiled, foul.
reduced (adjective)
unclean (adjective)
muddy, septic, crummy, shabby, fetid, offensive, dingy, murky, smutty, dirty, disgusting, toxic, festering, slovenly, odious, untidy, unhygenic, icky, foul, mucky, dusty, insalubrious, sloppy, defiled, putrid, scatological, grungy, grimy, squalid, infectious, unclean, grubby, unsanitary, obscene, sordid, scruffy, filthy.


loaded, permeable, unrefined, photosensitive, Doctored, raw, absorbent, corrupted, porous, astringent, impervious, harsh, dilute, cut, watered, mixed, impermeable, solid. lewd, unethical, improper, unchaste, wicked, corrupt, amoral, deviant, perverted, evil, sinful. restraint, uncleanly, good. impure (noun)
dingy, bastardized, adulterated, composite, maculate, untouchable, alloyed, nonkosher, contaminated, debased, tref, bastardised, adulterate, unpurified, muddied, terefah, unclean, polluted, defiled, muddy.


diluted (verb)

Other synonyms:

absorbent, astringent, impermeable, lewd, Doctored, porous, permeable, impervious, solid, photosensitive. uncleanly. harsh. loaded. shameless

Usage examples for impure

  1. So impure and evil a subject must not be referred to. – An Outline of Sexual Morality by Kenneth Ingram
  2. Both found a ready welcome in this full- blooded city, intensely alive to all delights and interests, whether pure or impure – Naples Past and Present by Arthur H. Norway