Synonyms for Pointed:


conical (adjective)
having a sharp end or part (adjective)
aciculate, sagittal, acuminate, acicular, Mucronate, spiked, sharp, pointy, cuspidate, acute, peaked, fine, keen, barbed, sagittate.
noticeable (adjective)
penetrating, biting (adjective)
trenchant, cutting, tart, sarcastic, pertinent.
relevant (adjective)
apropos, fitting, suitable, to the point, relevant, germane, logical, pertinent, applicable, appropriate, apt, apposite.
sharp (adjective)
prickly, cutting, barbed, peaked, spiky, sharp, keen, needle-like, sagittal, fine, acute, spiny, acuate, Thistly, razor-edged, bristly, spear-like, needlelike, spinous, spiked, jagged, needle-point, thorny, pointy.
witty (adjective)
dry, comical, tricky, waggish, crafty, sparkling, shrewd, sharp, quick-witted, foxy, deft, funny, intelligent, sophisticated, inventive, cunning, sly, pithy, subtle, artful, jocular, urbane, scurrilous, witty, smart, scintillating, astute, brilliant, joking, droll, facetious, clever, sarcastic, wily, ingenious, resourceful, quick, adroit, canny.


asymmetrical, angular, aerodynamic, concentric, chunky, clean, closed, concave, bent, bulbous. directly, flat out, outright, man-to-man, baldly, vociferous, emphatically, emphatic. trenchant, caustic, tart. cuspated, cuspidated, aciculate, cuspate, Mucronate, Aciculated, cuspidate. remarkable, striking, observable, see, eye-catching, prominent, bold, arresting, outstanding, signal, noticeable, salient, pronounced, conspicuous. pointed (noun)
bladelike, needle-shaped, direct, ensiform, tiptoe, acute, sharp, acerose, acanthous, spinous, acanthoid, sharpened, apiculate, fusiform, pyramidical, sagittate, spiked, tapered, acicular, acerate, sagittiform, barreled, pyramidic, hastate, swordlike, spindle-shaped, lanceolate, lancelike, pyramidal, tapering, arrow-shaped, barrelled, acuate, spearhead-shaped, sword-shaped, spikelike, acuminate, peaked, nibbed, needlelike, cigar-shaped.


indicated (verb)
Beckoned, alerted, Motioned, marked, designated, Gesticulated, Waved, pointed out, Gestured, branded, Signaled, Flagged, stamped, Ticketed, Nodded, Shrugged, Betokened, noted, Denoted, nudged, Symbolized, Indicated, tagged, Winked, labeled.
perforated (verb)
Poked, needled, stuck, Punched, pierced, Lanced, drilled, bored, Gouged, Speared, punctured, Skewered, Penetrated, perforated.

Other synonyms:

eye-catching, Mucronate, cuspated, vociferous, baldly, cuspidated, angular, aciculate, cuspidate, Aciculated, cuspate, man-to-man, emphatic, arresting. outstanding, salient, conspicuous, emphatically, trenchant, striking, remarkable. prominent, pronounced. outright, noticeable, observable. bold. directly. Other relevant words:
arrow-shaped, cuspidated, needlelike, arresting, sharpened, fine, lancelike, spearhead-shaped, prominent, barreled, needle-shaped, sagittiform, cuspidate, striking, sword-shaped, Aciculated, conspicuous, acuminate, acerate, barrelled, outstanding, hastate, emphatic, nibbed, apiculate, bladelike, cigar-shaped, observable, spindle-shaped, peaked, swordlike, remarkable, acicular, acerose, pyramidal, tiptoe, spikelike, eye-catching, acanthoid, aciculate, tapered, salient, angular, cuspated, signal, bold, tapering, fusiform, direct, noticeable, caustic, directly, ensiform, Mucronate, lanceolate, bent, pronounced, cuspate, pyramidical, acanthous, sagittate, trenchant, acuate, tart, pyramidic.

Usage examples for pointed

  1. He pointed up, and said: " Father, mother, both gone, I hope and trust to heaven. – The Rector of St. Mark's by Mary J. Holmes
  2. And as they turned the corner, he pointed – The Chestermarke Instinct by J. S. Fletcher
  3. She pointed to the society news, Town Talk, lying on the table. – Five Little Peppers at School by Margaret Sidney