Synonyms for Disapproving:


discontent (adjective)
dissident, ticked off, unhappy, miserable, discontent, sour, cross, non-satisfied, restless, anxious, joyless, despondent, irritated, disgruntled, disquieted, exasperated, frustrated, teed off, gloomy, displeased, ungratified, malcontent, anguished, uneasy, cheerless, bored, uncomfortable, dissatisfied, fed up, irreconcilable, discomposed, wretched.


acid, biting, accusing, ad hominem, barbed, acerbic, accusatory, astringent, acrid, blistering. disapproving (noun)
unfavourable, unfavorable.


disapproving (verb)
Renouncing, Reproaching, Defaming, Castigating, denigrating, scorning, disparaging, chiding, Discrediting, criticizing, Chastising, deprecating, Vilifying, upbraiding, condemning, Denouncing, chastening, Censuring, admonishing, Deriding, Blaming, Defiling.
disliking (verb)
Abhorring, Disliking, Disfavoring.
prohibiting (verb)
inhibiting, Restraining, Prohibiting, constraining, restricting, blocking, Refusing, controlling, Oppressing, banning, Precluding, disqualifying, curbing, Suppressing, Outlawing, Preventing, forbidding.
rejecting (verb)
Disallowing, erupting, barring, jettisoning, Disclaiming, Curtailing, Culling, exuding, Blackballing, Disgorging, Secreting, Discarding, Denying, Excluding, Lopping, Checking, Rejecting, seeping, shedding, exhausting, Abandoning, vomiting, Ejecting, Discharging, Excising, Cropping, draining, Trashing, Spewing, deep-sixing, emitting, Oppugning, blacklisting, clipping, Sniping, venting, Jilting, Chopping, Evacuating, belching, cutting, Ejaculating, junking, excreting, Eliminating, shearing.

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Other relevant words:
acrid, acid, accusing, acerbic, unfavourable, biting, barbed, accusatory, astringent, blistering, unfavorable.

Usage examples for disapproving

  1. Shirley stood her ground, bending upon Bryce, as he approached her, a cold and disapproving glance. – The Valley of the Giants by Peter B. Kyne
  2. Esther looked at her critically, and pursed up her lips in disapproving fashion. – More About Peggy by Mrs G. de Horne Vaizey