Synonyms for Flecked:


blemished (adjective)
discolored, impure, Scabbed, blistered, blemished, marked, scratched, stained, damaged, Hacked, spotted, abraded, tarnished, Nicked, marred, defaced, Scored, slit, imperfect, scarred, gashed, pockmarked, blotched, specked, defective, freckled, cracked, tainted, flawed, disfigured, chipped, fractured, scraped, deformed, notched, splotched, Scuffed, distorted, spoiled.
colorful (adjective)
mottled (adjective)
freckled, marbled.
multicolored (adjective)
marble, Striated, streaked, colorful, rainbow, dappled, harlequin, tessellated, mosaic, motley, checked, Dichromic, patchwork, multicolor, parquet, striped, calico, checkered, plaid, variegated, Parti-colored, varicolored, polychromatic, kaleidoscopic, freckled, tartan.
speckled (adjective)


chequered, broken, chronological, crisscross, checkerboard, even, candy-striped. flecked (noun)
patterned, specked, stippled, speckled, dotted.
streaked (noun)
mottled, multicolored.


blemished (verb)
hurt, checked, slitted, Blotted, dotted, Kinked, defected.
variegated (verb)
colorized, colored, marbled.

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Other relevant words:
chronological, broken, crisscross, checkerboard, candy-striped, multicolored, even, speckled, patterned, stippled, chequered, mottled.

Usage examples for flecked

  1. Nearer it came, louder it grew; and suddenly to the frightened eyes of the maidens there appeared a great chariot, drawn by four wild- looking, foam- flecked black steeds. – Journeys Through Bookland V2 by Charles H. Sylvester