Usage examples for tartan

  1. " And now the fun grew fast and furious"- and still more so when, arrayed in all the tartan glory of the Highland dress, two stalwart pipers stalked in to relieve the band, grand men and athletes! – Annie o' the Banks o' Dee by Gordon Stables
  2. If to- day you found yourself in that loved land, if this parched grass were brown heather, if it stretched down to a tarn yonder, if that gray cloud that hath all the seeming of a crag were crag indeed, and eagles plied between the tarn and it,- he touched her hand that lay idle now upon her knee,- if you came like Deirdre lightly through the heather, and found me lying here, and found more red than should be in the tartan of the MacLeans, what would you do, Truelove? – Audrey by Mary Johnston