Synonyms for Freckled:


all (adjective)
lentiginous, lentiginose.
blemished (adjective)
flecked, cracked, defaced, Nicked, scratched, disfigured, flawed, impure, scarred, distorted, Scuffed, defective, stained, specked, fractured, slit, Hacked, abraded, discolored, scraped, splotched, marked, spoiled, tarnished, damaged, deformed, notched, gashed, marred, imperfect, tainted, Scabbed, blemished, blotched, Scored, chipped, spotted, pockmarked, blistered.
mottled (adjective)
flecked, checkered, motley, streaked, blotchy, marbled, dappled, spotted, variegated.
multicolored (adjective)
rainbow, marble, tessellated, checked, multicolor, mosaic, harlequin, colorful, tartan, striped, variegated, motley, kaleidoscopic, plaid, streaked, checkered, calico, Striated, varicolored, dappled, Dichromic, polychromatic, patchwork, parquet, flecked, Parti-colored.
speckled (adjective)
spotted (adjective)
dotted, blotched.


clear, blotchy, lined, Complected, bloom, glowing, calloused, scabby, Complexioned. freckled (noun)
lentiginous, patterned, lentiginose.


blemished (verb)
Blotted, Kinked, checked, defected, dotted, slitted, hurt.
variegated (verb)
marbled, colorized, colored.

Other synonyms:

calloused, blotchy, Complected, Complexioned. scabby. lined. glowing. bloom. clear. Other relevant words:
lentiginose, lined, Complected, clear, glowing, Complexioned, calloused, scabby, blotchy, patterned, bloom, lentiginous.

Usage examples for freckled

  1. A freckled faced boy with a pleasant smile and honest blue eyes was standing on the doorstep. – Peggy in Her Blue Frock by Eliza Orne White
  2. Freckled Snipe and yellow silk. – The Teesdale Angler by R Lakeland
  3. Conscious of the admiring observation, she instinctively relaxed her muscles into lines of flowing grace, and lowered her eyes till her lashes shone in golden points against her freckled cheeks. – The Emigrant Trail by Geraldine Bonner