Synonyms for Damaged:


blemished (adjective)
flawed, scraped, imperfect, splotched, disfigured, scarred, slit, spotted, Scuffed, defaced, blemished, gashed, freckled, tarnished, notched, tainted, spoiled, impure, distorted, deformed, marked, defective, fractured, scratched, Scabbed, specked, pockmarked, flecked, marred, discolored, blotched, stained, Nicked, blistered, abraded, cracked, chipped, Hacked, Scored.
broken, not working (adjective)
unsound, busted, hurt, imperfect, spoiled, blemished, flawed, marred, injured, bent.
injured (adjective)
mutilated, weakened, harmed, maimed, injured, wounded, hurt, afflicted.


damaged (noun)
crumpled, blemished, mangled, stained, defaced, besmirched, tumble-down, broken-down, marred, dented, crackled, discredited, weakened, flyblown, ripped, cracked, mutilated, peeling, spotted, scorched, trodden, riddled, tatterdemalion, beat up, trampled, bedraggled, dilapidated, tainted, ruptured, storm-beaten, scraped, hurt, torn, bent, scratched, rent, beaten-up, busted, battered, broken-backed, disreputable, unsound, blasted, ramshackle, tarnished, sullied, crazed, burst.


blemished (verb)
slitted, hurt, dotted, defected, Kinked, checked, Blotted.
damaged (verb)
ravaged, despoiled, wrecked, vandalized, Depredated, ransacked, ruined, wreaked havoc, pillaged, wasted, rent, laid waste.
injured (verb)
Ached, offended, harmed, wounded, injured, mangled.

Other synonyms:

beat up.
Other relevant words:
crackled, torn, trampled, dilapidated, crumpled, battered, used, tumble-down, besmirched, crazed, sullied, tatterdemalion, ripped, flyblown, scorched, weakened, bedraggled, riddled, ramshackle, busted, unsound, broken-backed, blasted, dented, faded, disreputable, trodden, discredited, ruptured, storm-beaten, broken, bent, beaten-up, burst, broken-down, peeling.

Usage examples for damaged

  1. Nothing that actually belonged to it had been taken away, and of the articles brought not one had been broken or damaged – Across the Zodiac by Percy Greg
  2. Nelson, eager to conquer, ordered all his naval forces to advance; but the wind being in favor of the French, he was not able to keep the promise he had made in London to burn our fleet, while on the contrary many of his own boats were so greatly damaged that Admiral Bruix, seeing the English begin to retire, cried " Victory!" – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
  3. An earthquake, which occurred on Monday, December 21, 1812, damaged this adobe building to such an extent that it had to be taken down. – The Old Franciscan Missions Of California by George Wharton James