Synonyms for Parquet:


multicolored (adjective)
freckled, varicolored, striped, streaked, Striated, checked, variegated, polychromatic, Parti-colored, rainbow, motley, patchwork, tartan, marble, colorful, kaleidoscopic, mosaic, calico, tessellated, checkered, harlequin, Dichromic, plaid, dappled, multicolor, flecked.


bitumen, flooring, aggregate, brownstone, caulk, cement, brick, boarding, adobe, tile, asbestos, board, inlay. artifact (noun)
parquet floor.
floor covering (noun)
flooring (noun)
parquet (noun)
parquet floor.

Other synonyms:

floor covering
Other relevant words:
bitumen, tile, cement, caulk, boarding, aggregate, board, parquet floor, adobe, brownstone, brick, asbestos, flooring, inlay.

Usage examples for parquet

  1. Others still were seated on the steps leading down into the parquet – Kitty's Conquest by Charles King
  2. When they went to the theatre in the evening I refused to go with them; then I went alone, concealed myself in the parquet and watched them. – Child of a Century, v3 by Alfred de Musset