Synonyms for Gashed:


blemished (adjective)
marked, splotched, defective, notched, chipped, scraped, blemished, stained, specked, defaced, scratched, flawed, discolored, freckled, slit, Scabbed, spoiled, impure, Scuffed, deformed, tarnished, blotched, Scored, damaged, blistered, abraded, cracked, spotted, scarred, marred, distorted, flecked, Hacked, imperfect, disfigured, tainted, Nicked, pockmarked, fractured.
notched (adjective)
indented, Nicked, cracked, serrated, Scored, chinked, cut, notched, incised, Jogged, slit, split.


gashed (noun)
cut, slashed, injured.


blemished (verb)
dotted, defected, hurt, Blotted, Kinked, checked, slitted.
notched (verb)

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
injured, slashed.

Usage examples for gashed

  1. Covered with blood from a swollen, gashed lump on his temple, he certainly presented a savage appearance. – The Spirit of the Border A Romance of the Early Settlers in the Ohio Valley by Zane Grey
  2. A bullet gashed his forehead, a bullet passed deftly through his forearm, but he did not heed them. – The Boy Scout and Other Stories for Boys by Richard Harding Davis
  3. He had already, in spite of the rain, taken off his overcoat in order to do his delicate task, and so, as he fell, his knife gashed his thigh. – Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle