Synonyms for Variegated:


complex (adjective)
different (adjective)
diversified; varicolored (adjective)
striped, diverse, checkered, mixed, streaked, assorted, motley, multicolor, varied, Versicolor, kaleidoscopic.
mottled (adjective)
multicolored (adjective)
mosaic, colorful, rainbow, calico, plaid, striped, checkered, harlequin, patchwork, varicolored, checked, flecked, Striated, polychromatic, parquet, motley, Dichromic, tessellated, tartan, freckled, Parti-colored, dappled, kaleidoscopic, marble, multicolor, streaked.
patterned (adjective)
various (adjective)
multifaceted, motley, multifarious, diversified, polymorphous, multiplex, multiphase, manifold, assorted, sundry, Heteromorphous, various, many-sided, multiform, divers, Diversiform, polymorphic, diverse, complex, Multifold.


different, divergent, unlike, contrasting, dissimilar, alternative, distinct, conflicting. crisscross, Versicolor, candy-striped, Polychromous, chronological, polychrome, Versicolored, colors, broken, even, chequered, checkerboard, polychromic. mottled (noun)
variegated (noun)
varicolored, varicoloured, varied.

Other synonyms:

polychrome, Versicolor, Polychromous, Versicolored, polychromic. different, divers, mixed. miscellaneous. miscellaneous
Other relevant words:
divers, distinct, dissimilar, polychromic, chequered, heterogeneous, Versicolor, varied, miscellaneous, varicoloured, Polychromous, colors, polychrome, different, Versicolored, divergent, unlike, contrasting, mixed.

Usage examples for variegated

  1. What a pier- glass is to the richest drawing- room, the gentle and classic Avon is to this variegated scenery, as a portion of it, and as a reflecting medium of all its other features. –  by
  2. Some of those we saw were quite white, others black, and others again variegated – On the Banks of the Amazon by W.H.G. Kingston
  3. Miss Lyndesay helped her sort them and make several bouquets instead of one variegated one, talking with her the while of incidents of their journey, till Frieda was entirely at her ease. – The Wide Awake Girls in Winsted by Katharine Ellis Barrett