Synonyms for Dotty:


all (adjective)
gaga, crazy.
balmy (adjective)
loony, idiotic.
crazy (adjective)
goofy, ridiculous, nutty, daft, nuts, absurd, loony, foolish.
enamored (adjective)
foolish (adjective)
goofy, blockheaded, kooky, half-witted, foolish, dopey, ignorant, idiotic, nitwit, dumb, loony, crackpot, loopy, chuckle-headed, moronic, asinine, meat-headed, lame-brained, brainless, crazy, knuckle-headed, absurd, inane, blithering, cretinous, nonsensical, imbecilic, bone-headed, doltish, dim-witted.
gaga (adjective)
around the bend.
insane (adjective)
balmy, moonstruck, bananas, fruity, crackers, gaga, loco.
screwy (adjective)


of unsound mind, screwy, stark raving mad, bananas, distraught, ridiculous, maniacal, touched, over-the-top, nutty as a fruitcake, crazy as a loon, not all there, mad as a hatter, not in your right mind/not right in the head, moonstruck, sane, sick in the head, unsound, cuckoo, disordered, non compos mentis, mentally ill, childish, ludicrous, laughable, Daffy, lunatic, off, maniac. head over heels, enamoured, mad about someone, devoted, crazy about someone, besotted, lovesick, doting, in the throes of something. dotty (noun)
soft on, fruity, taken with, balmy, in love, buggy, smitten, haywire, kookie, cracked, barmy, enamored, around the bend, nutty, round the bend, infatuated, insane, kooky, loony, loco, loopy, wacky, crackers, crazy, nuts, bonkers, bats, whacky, gaga, daft, loving, batty.

Other synonyms:

Daffy, bananas, mentally ill. maniacal, non compos mentis, distraught, screwy, lunatic. unsound, disordered, touched, moonstruck. off. Other relevant words:
laughable, nutty, not all there, round the bend, soft on, ludicrous, cuckoo, bonkers, nuts, non compos mentis, cracked, haywire, childish, enamored, moonstruck, bats, loopy, enamoured, maniac, infatuated, sick in the head, daft, lovesick, maniacal, distraught, mentally ill, lunatic, fruity, barmy, kookie, besotted, buggy, doting, kooky, touched, ridiculous, mad as a hatter, whacky, insane, screwy, stark raving mad, loving, unsound, smitten, batty, nutty as a fruitcake, devoted, Daffy, over-the-top, sane, disordered, crackers, off, crazy as a loon, around the bend, in love, loco, balmy, taken with, wacky, of unsound mind, gaga, bananas.

Usage examples for dotty

  1. Dotty liked Solly at that moment very much. – Dotty Dimple At Home by Sophie May
  2. I've always been dotty over it, don't you know. – The Hollow of Her Hand by George Barr McCutcheon
  3. I was very much offended at his calling me dotty but he explained afterwards he only meant that I was 'artistic'! – The Twelfth Hour by Ada Leverson