Synonyms for Varicolored:


all (adjective)
varicoloured, variegated.
dappled (adjective)
multicolor, Parti-colored.
different (adjective)
kaleidoscopic (adjective)
multicolored (adjective)
marble, tessellated, flecked, plaid, calico, patchwork, harlequin, rainbow, striped, Dichromic, variegated, checkered, checked, kaleidoscopic, dappled, motley, colorful, streaked, multicolor, tartan, Striated, polychromatic, parquet, freckled, mosaic, Parti-colored.
varicolored (adjective)
motley, Versicolor, polychromatic, Polychromous, variegated, polychrome, particolored, flecked, piebald, Versicolored, polychromic, dappled, kaleidoscopic, checkered, pied, multicolored.


polychrome, colors, Versicolor, Versicolored, polychromic, Polychromous. mottled (noun)
varicolored (noun)
motley, multicoloured, colored, particoloured, in color, particolored, variegated, multicolour, colorful, piebald, painted, coloured, multicolor, pied, multicolored, varicoloured, varied.

Other synonyms:

polychromic, Versicolored, polychrome, Versicolor, Polychromous. Other relevant words:
polychrome, Versicolored, colors, painted, multicolored, multicoloured, pied, varicoloured, coloured, particolored, polychromic, Versicolor, piebald, colored, multicolour, varied, particoloured, Polychromous.

Usage examples for varicolored

  1. Following the example of the Regulars, the Militia adopted coat- skirt ornaments almost immediately after their appearance in 1832. They used the regulation flaming grenades, open and looped horns, and 5- and 6- pointed stars, but in both gold and silver on varicolored backgrounds and in a wide variety of sizes. – American Military Insignia 1800-1851 by J. Duncan Campbell
  2. The scintillations which leaped out to meet them, were like the rays from myriads of gleaming, glistening, varicolored lights, of dazzling brightness and infinite depth. – In Her Own Right by John Reed Scott