Synonyms for Pert:


disrespectful (adjective)
enthusiastic (adjective)
insolent (adjective)
contumelious, insolent.
lively, bold (adjective)
brash, saucy, forward, vivacious, presumptuous, dashing, flip, brazen, impertinent, smart-alecky, cheeky, spirited, nervy, daring, animated, audacious, insolent.
nervy (adjective)


discourteous, abrasive, impolite, ill-mannered, offensive. chipper, diminutive, discreet, animated, bouncy, slight, dashing, little, small, tiny, microscopic, midget, peppy, lively, minute, action, vivacious, minuscule, high-spirited. boldfaced, contumelious, courtesy, overconfident, cheeky, assuming, Malapert, attitude, assumptive, insolent, flip, presumptuous, Presuming, pushy, forward, Familiar, brazen, snippy, Snippety, uppish, nervy, audacious, smart-alecky, brassy, bold, uppity, brash. bold (noun)
rude, daring.
pert (noun)
irreverent, spirited, impertinent, saucy.

Other synonyms:

cheeky, boldfaced, pushy, bouncy, contumelious, smart-alecky, Snippety. chipper, rude, high-spirited, uppish, assumptive, presumptuous, vivacious, uppity, nervy, snippy, overconfident, Presuming, assuming. brazen, brash, dashing, peppy, forward, lively. bold, insolent, audacious. Familiar. animated. brazen
Malapert, saucy.
Other relevant words:
brash, flip, vivacious, forward, action, impolite, Presuming, bouncy, animated, brassy, pushy, discourteous, ill-mannered, audacious, overconfident, minute, minuscule, bold, rude, discreet, attitude, peppy, abrasive, brazen, midget, dashing, microscopic, small, assumptive, cheeky, nervy, diminutive, slight, Familiar, uppity, snippy, uppish, Malapert, Snippety, high-spirited, insolent, impertinent, contumelious, daring, courtesy, tiny, little, offensive, boldfaced, lively, presumptuous, smart-alecky, chipper, assuming.

Usage examples for pert

  1. Three College Sophs, and three pert Templars came, The same their talents, and their tastes the same. – A Collection of College Words and Customs by Benjamin Homer Hall
  2. " Alexander Chipmunk is a very pert young man," he grumbled. – The Tale of Sandy Chipmunk by Arthur Scott Bailey