Synonyms for Spirited:


active (adjective)
dynamic, enterprising, sprightly, industrious, bustling, animated, vivacious, sedulous, assiduous, active, energetic, eager, tireless, stirring, moving, busy, lively.
brave (adjective)
gritty, mettlesome, plucky, fearless.
bubbly (adjective)
cheerful (adjective)
optimistic, congenial, pleased, bright, genial, cheery, cheerful, affable, sparkling, pleasant, sunny, jaunty, agreeable, warm, glad, friendly, easygoing, lively, jolly, complaisant, cordial, happy, amiable, buoyant, lighthearted, merry, joyful.
energetic (adjective)
powerful, puissant, ardent, mettlesome, potent, energetic, forceful, spunky, zippy, snappy, driven, vivacious, zealous, effervescent, active, fervid, peppy, vigorous, strong, mighty.
enthusiastic (adjective)
enthusiastic, ardent, fanatical, warm, fervent, excited, zealous, eager.
hardworking (adjective)
lively (adjective)
animated, bouncy.
lively, vivacious (adjective)
zippy, vigorous, gritty, active, peppy, fiery, courageous, zealous, fearless, sprightly, spunky, sparkling, peppery, animated, eager, game, brave, bouncy, enthusiastic, mettlesome, snappy, passionate, bright, plucky, high-spirited, burning, ardent, effervescent, zesty, energetic.
vigorous (adjective)
afire, industrious, puissant, hearty, vigorous, lively, frisky, earnest, zestful, exuberant, mettlesome, ablaze, zealous, fiery, virile, sprightly, lusty, peppy, impassioned, fervent, agitated, passionate, full-blooded, excited, energetic, potent, prolific, ardent, animated, emphatic, strenuous, active, powerful, enthusiastic, strong, zippy, eager, burning.


opinionated, single-minded, vocal, violent, didactic, loud, rabid. action, chipper. feelings, peppery. spirited (noun)
plucky, courageous, bouncing, hoyden, dashing, lively, zippy, gamey, high-spirited, fearless, resilient, peppy, animated, racy, saucy, irreverent, hoydenish, knockabout, alive, brave, sprightly, enlivened, boisterous, exuberant, zestful, pert, zesty, spunky, gallant, game, ebullient, feisty, impertinent, whipping, gritty, vibrant, vivacious, gamy, snappy, tomboyish, con brio, yeasty, mettlesome, bouncy.

Other synonyms:

opinionated. didactic, rabid, single-minded, chipper. vocal. peppery. loud.

Usage examples for spirited

  1. " A fine high- spirited girl. – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  2. Little by little the proud spirited horse learned his lesson. – The Short Cut by Jackson Gregory
  3. This was spirited and friendly; Franklin had a way of making warm and loyal friends. – Benjamin Franklin by John Torrey Morse, Jr.