Synonyms for Crisp:


all (adjective)
brittle (adjective)
fragile, frangible, brittle, crumbly, delicate, crunchy, fracturable, frail, breakable.
brittle, dry (adjective)
fresh, crispy, firm, ripe, short, crunchy, crumbly.
cold (adjective)
crunchy (adjective)
fresh, chilly (adjective)
invigorating, clear, bracing, brisk, stimulating.
intelligible (adjective)
self-explanatory, direct, straightforward, consistent, coherent, comprehensible, clear, legible, plain, intelligible, perspicuous, decipherable, lucid, understandable.
severe (adjective)
frosty, dour, gruff, correct, draconian, austere, acrimonious, grim, critical, acute, exacting, brusque, authoritarian, piquant, short, severe, fundamental, brisk, stark, uncompromising, cool, curt, keen, blunt, meticulous, abrupt, demanding, sharp, bleak, relentless, puritanical, lean, obdurate, imperial, censorious, stern, precise, stiff-necked, astringent, ascetic, obstinate, inflexible, strait-laced, rigid, acerbic, stringent, chilly, dry, intolerant, oppressive, unbending, icy, raw, rigorous, tart, disciplined, hidebound, caustic, harsh, prudish, spare, strict, cutting, intense, spartan, basic.
sharp (adjective)
short (adjective)
short, curt in presentation (adjective)
cutting, tart, abrupt, brusque, brief, terse.


quick, at full speed/tilt/throttle, high-speed, speedy, fast, swift, ripe, nimble, deft, agile, crumbly. clean, declamatory, chatty, discursive, circuitous, economical, diffuse, conversational, articulate. barbecue, charbroil, baste, boil, braise, boil down, burn, bake, brown, broil. home fries, French Fries, fries, hash browns, baked potato, latke, jacket potato, mash. hard. bubble gum, chew, candy, candy apple, candy cane, candy bar, center, bonbon, caramel, candyfloss. creased, distressed, cellular, filmy, colorfast, Breathable, fibrous, diaphanous, brushed. chilled, cream, buttery, chewy, calorific, caramelized. brisk (noun)
stimulating, bracing, invigorating.
crisp (noun)
ruckle, nappy, sharp, nippy, curly, scrunch, laconic, crunchy, chip, parky, cold, crease, toast, frizzly, nipping, distinct, frosty, Saratoga Chip, crispy, terse, wrinkle, fresh, tender, frizzy, snappy, firm, scrunch up, potato chip, crinkle, curt, concise, kinky.
curt (noun)
food (noun)
Saratoga Chip, chip, potato chip.

Other synonyms:

Saratoga chip
Saratoga Chip.
latke, hash browns, buttery, brushed, chewy, French Fries, chilled, diaphanous, baked potato, declamatory, home fries, creased, colorfast, caramelized, crumbly, filmy, fibrous, jacket potato, conversational, mash, chatty, fries, discursive. articulate, cellular. distressed. cream. clean. hard. wrinkle

Usage examples for crisp

  1. There came the crisp sound of parting paper. – From the Car Behind by Eleanor M. Ingram
  2. The bald- headed, tired looking man peered carefully at the crisp rectangle of paper. – Hoofbeats on the Turnpike by Mildred A. Wirt
  3. They were clear and crisp he was to fire the mine, but only at the latest possible minute. – Between the Lines by Boyd Cable