Synonyms for Snappy:


blunt (adjective)
brisk (adjective)
crisp, nippy.
chilly (adjective)
fashionable (adjective)
swank, refined, fashionable, dapper, stylish, fancy, chic, up-to-date, rakish, smart, Tony, dashing, ritzy, conventional, coordinated, modal, chichi, decorous, showy, slick, vogue, natty.
fast (adjective)
speedy, rushing, galloping, breakneck, hurrying, swift, fleet, presto, nimble, hasty, quick, allegro, light-footed, dashing, expeditious, rapid, fast.
ill-tempered (adjective)
irritable (adjective)
irritable, ill-tempered.
plush (adjective)
sensitive (adjective)
snappy (adjective)
quick, smart, dashing, fleet, classy, modish, hasty, waspish, speedy, swank, disagreeable, snappish, dapper, stylish, chic, swift, cross, testy, rapid, Tony, petulant, touchy, breakneck, trendy, expeditious, fractious, natty.
stylish (adjective)
very fast (adjective)


fractious, hot-tempered, temperamental, having that certain something, moody, touchy, sensitive, in good style. spry, fastidious, sprightly, tidy, dynamical, driving, groomed, clean, clean-cut, well-groomed, clean-shaven, dynamic, trim, enterprising. trig, trendy, with-it, modish, in, swish, style, usual, classy, swanky, mod, posh. snappy (noun)
spanking, smart, merry, nipping, stylish, jaunty, fashionable, whipping, snappish, nippy, cold, zippy, spiffy, parky, spruce, raffish, rakish, dapper, spirited, frosty, rattling, ill-natured, brisk, dashing, lively, crisp, energetic, natty.

Other synonyms:

classy, bad-tempered, trig, driving, mod. crabby, vibrant, trendy, grumpy, posh, petulant, fretful, cantankerous, irascible, ill-tempered, querulous, grouchy, waspish, with-it, cranky. spry, crabbed, testy, dynamical, sprightly, enterprising, high-spirited. dynamic, disagreeable, peppery, modish, peevish. in, ugly.

Usage examples for snappy

  1. After a lot of fuss the girl did apologise in a snappy way that was another insult. – Over the Sliprails by Henry Lawson
  2. There was no question but what we " beat it snappy – Down the Columbia by Lewis R. Freeman
  3. That's a snappy opening, he said. – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau