Synonyms for Fired:


discharged (adjective)
let go, laid-off, dismissed.
dismissed (adjective)
motivated (adjective)
driven, forceful, stimulated, motivated, induced, provoked, triggered, Energized.
subjected to fire (adjective)
baked, burned, glowing, burning, ablaze, afire, smoking, kindling, alight, scorched, heated, incandescent, aflame.


afire, kindling, incandescent, aflame, ablaze, smoking, alight, burning, glowing. fired (noun)
laid-off, pink-slipped, dismissed, unemployed, discharged.


discharged (verb)
let go.
energized (verb)
empowered, forced, powered, invigorated, activated, charged, sparked, Roused, drove, recharged, revived, Energized, driven.
excited (verb)
animated, stimulated, inflamed, electrified, exhilarated, agitated, excited, disquieted, disturbed, aroused.
heated (verb)
broiled, barbecued, parched, charred, cooked, roasted, burned, Scalded, poached, fried, braised, boiled, seared, grilled, stewed, scorched, Singed, Sweltered, heated, toasted, Simmered, Parboiled, warmed, baked.
lit (verb)
lit, flared, Radiated, Glowed, Beamed, Glinted, Gleamed, Blazed, spotted, Sparkled, incandesced, Scintillated, Flashed, Glittered, flooded, illuminated, Shone, fluoresced.
motivated (verb)
jolted, triggered, fermented, provoked, Knocked, shot, nudged, stricken, magnetized, moved, Jerked, Urged, Punched, Enticed, struck, inspired, Bumped, Jostled, Fomented, motivated, induced, Instigated, Poked, Hastened, Jogged, Hurtled.
propelled (verb)
pitched, thrown, Flung, Tossed, thrust, Threw, Prodded, Pelted, Shunted, compelled, Lobbed, Slung, catapulted, Pushed, Rammed, Butted, Flicked, Precipitated, Shoved, Bowled, Launched, canted, goaded, bunted, heaved, Propelled, chucked, impelled, cast, Hurled, projected.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
afire, laid-off, discharged, dismissed, unemployed, ablaze, pink-slipped.

Usage examples for fired

  1. Once it was in my hands, I could not have fired the shot. – The Greater Power by Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton
  2. Who had fired it? – The Triumph of Hilary Blachland by Bertram Mitford
  3. Then he added with a grin, It sort of looks as though we've been fired you might say. – Dave Dawson at Casablanca by Robert Sydney Bowen