Synonyms for Stayed:


bound (adjective)
chained, glued, pasted, closed, threaded, bound, tied, Strapped, stitched, coupled, linked, laced, strung, Sutured, zipped, Cemented, knit, Buckled, fused, Bracketed, knotted, Hinged, fastened, connected, Welded, clinched.
ceased (adjective)
closed, discontinued, quit, abandoned, broken, halted, suspended, stopped, terminated, ended, Refrained, Culminated, Ceased, Paused, interrupted.
interrupted (adjective)
intermittent, suspended, recessed, delayed, stopped, relieved, Paused, postponed, Snagged, Reprieved, interrupted.
limited (adjective)


ceased (verb)
broke, Desisted, Remitted.
dismissed (verb)
dismissed, licensed, released, Excepted, Dispelled, discharged, privileged, relieved, excused, liberated, permitted, Pardoned, Reprieved, Exempted, freed, absolved.
fastened (verb)
coupled, Basted, Bracketed, knitted, glued, clinched, sewed, linked, Hinged, zipped, bound, tied, sewn spliced, tethered, Tacked, fused, woven, Weaved, fastened, stitched, Lashed, Sutured, braided, knotted, laced, connected, Stringed, pasted, Strapped, Welded, Plaited, Buckled, chained, Cemented, Hitched.
hindered (verb)
Dammed, restricted, frustrated, choked, Hampered, barred, restrained, paralyzed, Hindered, handicapped, baffled, burdened, Dragged, curbed, mired, checked, complicated, Caught, delayed, encumbered, Detained, Entrapped, blocked, snarled, Crimped, Bunged, Deterred, thwarted, Resisted, impaired, crippled, cramped, constrained, clogged, plugged, bottlenecked, fouled, congested, constipated, braked, inhibited, countered, obstructed, jammed, opposed, Hamstrung, tangled, entangled, Snagged, impeded, fettered.
interrupted (verb)
recessed, postponed.
occupied (verb)
colonized, Quartered, Dwelled, inhabited, Lodged, Housed, Resided, Billeted, Squatted, Roosted, occupied.
persevered (verb)
Endured, abided, Persisted, Survived, continued, Lasted, Persevered.
remained (verb)
Prevailed, Tarried, Remained, Lingered.
rested (verb)
settled, rested, Vegetated, Waited, settled down, marked time, Stagnated, Slumbered, Calmed, Subsided, Slept, Tranquilized, Quieted, becalmed, fixed, Stilled, Stood.
stopped (verb)
frozen, held, Froze.

Usage examples for Stayed

  1. " I shouldn't feel just right if none of us stayed in the old place. – The Landlord at Lion's Head, Complete by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009
  2. She stayed two or three days. – Eunice by Margaret Murray Robertson
  3. We stayed on three years. – Lady Merton, Colonist by Mrs. Humphry Ward