Synonyms for Rendered:


given (adjective)
endowed, dispensed, lent, Awarded, rationed, Submitted, pledged, donated, allotted, Consigned, Showered, paid, assigned, Provided, Ascribed, Disbursed, Bequeathed, bestowed, Served, Allowed, sent, Imparted, furnished, Lavished, shared, Doled, Tendered, expended, presented, Attributed, Supplied, Contributed, given, Offered, granted, Delivered.
interpreted (adjective)
presented, Translated, depicted, played, Delivered, executed, represented.
offered (adjective)
granted, Imparted, Submitted, given, Offered, presented, Quoted, Issued, extended, invited.
performed (adjective)
concluded, done.
representative (adjective)
outline, illustrative, replica, approximate, Aping, miniature, cartoon, facsimile, representative, imitation, portrayed, metaphorical, pastiche, model, analogous, graphic, copy.


concluded, done.


drew (verb)
drew, Sketched, traced, doodled, drawn, painted.
gave (verb)
paid, Attributed, rationed, furnished, Allowed, shared, Doled, sent, Delivered, Showered, Awarded, Served, Bequeathed, assigned, donated, Lavished, Consigned, funded, devoted, Ascribed, lent, Contributed, assisted, dispensed, Helped, expended, allotted, Supplied, Provided, Disbursed, pledged.
interpreted (verb)
interpreted, deciphered, analyzed, decoded, transcribed, rephrased, Paraphrased, restated, Translated, Elucidated, Explained, Commented, reported, condensed, Annotated.
offered (verb)
extended, presented, attempted, endowed, advanced, given, Cited, Approached, granted, Submitted, Dealt, bid, Issued, Bidden, Tendered, Offered, Imparted, Quoted, invited, bestowed, Gave.
represented (verb)
illustrated, depicted, cast, Photographed, outlined, Replicated, Approximated, silhouetted, Duplicated, simulated, Aped, Imitated, modeled, copied, represented.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
executed, played, done.

Usage examples for Rendered

  1. Scales in all tonalities, each at least twice well rendered – Piano Playing With Piano Questions Answered by Josef Hofmann
  2. The heat must have rendered the stones down. – The Lost Valley by J. M. Walsh
  3. Religion, not even in its forms, was forced upon the children but on the contrary it was rendered so attractive, that the children of that household would crowd around that mother in the evening and tease her to tell them a story. – Memoirs of Mrs. Rebecca Steward by T. G. Steward