Synonyms for Agreed:


all (adjective)
in agreement.
authorized (adjective)
commissioned, empowered, deputized, licensed, Enabled, entitled, validated, blessed, approved, enfranchised, ordained, warranted, designated, permitted, authenticated, sanctioned, notarized, authorized, Countersigned, confirmed, affirmed, certified.
promised (adjective)
Stipulated, sworn-to, assured, promised, Consented, pledged, guaranteed.
unanimous (adjective)
united (adjective)


exactly, yea, great, gladly, right on, indubitably, unquestionably, all-right, yes, Aye, undoubtedly, of course, YEP, assuredly, precisely, affirm, absolutely, willingly, Roger, right, yeah, O.K., uh-huh. by mutual/common consent, mutual, favorable, in accord with, at one with, together, favourable. broad, contractual, broadly, qualified, consensual, be understood, renewable, binding, unanimous. agreed (noun)
united, in agreement.


agreed (verb)
Cooperated, endorsed, Acquiesced, Conformed, Assented, promised, Acceded, contracted, pledged, welcomed, blessed, affirmed, approved, Stipulated, Consented, accepted, Capitulated, empathized, Concurred, sanctioned.
authorized (verb)
coincided (verb)
accompanied, synchronized with, Coincided.
complied (verb)
deferred, Yielded, Obeyed, Genuflected, respected, bowed, fulfilled, Caved, Submitted, Complied, Ceded, surrendered, Adhered, bent, observed, Succumbed, kowtowed, knuckled under.
promised (verb)
sworn, Swore, Vowed.

Other synonyms:

exactly, yeah, contractual, consensual, right on, of course, precisely, indubitably, Roger, favorable, uh-huh, renewable, YEP. binding, mutual, all-right, unquestionably, broadly, O.K., assuredly, yea, qualified, gladly. great, together, willingly, undoubtedly. broad, absolutely. right. surely
Other relevant words:
exactly, Aye, yea, yeah, at one with, together, renewable, binding, Roger, yes, precisely, of course, right on, O.K., affirm, gladly, great, qualified, unanimous, unquestionably, broad, indubitably, contractual, broadly, favorable, absolutely, united, favourable, mutual, right, uh-huh, YEP, in agreement, undoubtedly, willingly, consensual, assuredly.

Usage examples for agreed

  1. " But if you'd agreed with me in the first place, it wouldn't have come to this. – The Quality of Mercy by W. D. Howells
  2. " Yes," agreed the little boy. – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Playing Circus by Laura Lee Hope
  3. " That's true," Iris agreed – The Diamond Pin by Carolyn Wells