Synonyms for Pledged:


all (adjective)
bound (adjective)
guaranteed, promised, enforced.
given (adjective)
rationed, shared, given, bestowed, Imparted, Doled, Consigned, Disbursed, paid, furnished, Submitted, Delivered, sent, allotted, expended, Allowed, Served, Rendered, Ascribed, Attributed, Showered, presented, endowed, Tendered, Contributed, assigned, granted, lent, donated, dispensed, Offered, Bequeathed, Provided, Awarded, Supplied, Lavished.
guaranteed (adjective)
secured, bonded, ensured, warranted, Countersigned, safeguarded, affirmed, vouched-for, promised, assured, guaranteed, insured, certified.
promised (adjective)
assured, guaranteed, agreed, sworn-to, promised, Stipulated, Consented.


bound, enforced. pledged (noun)
bespoken, betrothed, attached, affianced, committed, sworn, engaged.


affirmed (verb)
expressed, Testified, Contended, Propounded, stated, supported, professed, Claimed, Avouched, pronounced, verified, validated, ratified, assured, attested, proclaimed, set down, acknowledged, corroborated, Adjured, asserted, sustained, warranted, Averred, admitted, Submitted, certified, declared, maintained.
agreed (verb)
contracted, welcomed, Assented, agreed, blessed, Concurred, empathized, sanctioned, Capitulated, affirmed, Stipulated, Cooperated, promised, Acquiesced, approved, Consented, accepted, Conformed, endorsed, Acceded.
debited (verb)
Borrowed, Debited, deducted.
gave (verb)
allotted, assisted, Helped, Consigned, Doled, paid, Ascribed, Offered, given, Tendered, Attributed, Rendered, granted, assigned, Lavished, Delivered, dispensed, extended, Supplied, Contributed, Awarded, Disbursed, rationed, shared, Served, Gave, Bequeathed, devoted, funded, presented, Allowed, Imparted, Showered, lent, donated, bestowed, endowed, expended, sent, Provided, furnished.
guaranteed (verb)
promised (verb)
Vowed, Swore, sworn.

Other synonyms:

bound. Other relevant words:
bespoken, betrothed, committed, enforced, attached, affianced, bound, engaged.

Usage examples for pledged

  1. We are all pledged to the masquerade, and before we've dressed and got there, 't will be late enough." – Charles O'Malley, The Irish Dragoon, Volume 2 (of 2) by Charles Lever
  2. 4. Every member shall be pledged not to read the latest book until people have stopped expecting it. – The Lost Art of Reading by Gerald Stanley Lee