Synonyms for Read:


close, buffer, display, crash, emulate, deliver, decode, corrupt, boot, abort. fathom, catch, find, conceive, dig, savvy, compass, follow, apprehend, ken, sense, twig, uncover, make out, gather, read up on. fit, accommodate, harbor, house, contents, mark, include. censor, bowdlerize, delete, condense, dramatize, cut down, cut, compress, append, adapt. gauge, weigh, clock, sound, measure, quantify, pace out, measure out, fit out. overhear, see/hear things, Mishear, discern, receive. make of, see both sides, be quick/slow on the uptake, perceive. identify with, figure out, relate to, have (got) someone's number, see through, read someone like a book, penetrate someone's disguise. fluent, read-out, legible, devour, illegible. musicality, perfect pitch, have a tin ear, voice, musical, rhythm, pitch, in time. read (noun)
register, record, translate, show, understand, take, study, say, learn, interpret.
reading (noun)
readership, perusal, reading, speed-reading, reader, sight-reading, reading group.


cognition (verb)
examined (verb)
Scanned, gone over, checked over, Investigated.
express, state (verb)
mark, deliver, record, register, display, show, say.
learn (verb)
digest, absorb, grasp, master, assimilate, discover, glean, learn, comprehend, study, realize, understand.
learned (verb)
discovered, absorbed, realized, understood, comprehended, learned, mastered, studied, digested, Gleaned, Assimilated, grasped.
look at and understand written word (verb)
gather, discover, study, learn, translate, perceive, make out, interpret, comprehend, apprehend.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

legible, discern, musicality, overhear, illegible, Mishear, perfect pitch. figure out, read-out, twig, fathom. ken, identify with, perceive, deliver. apprehend, musical. fluent, see through, rhythm, conceive. make out. receive, make of. dig. follow. voice. catch. pitch. browse
Scanned, checked over.
make of.

Usage examples for read

  1. Do I not read your mind?" – Godolphin, Volume 2. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  2. So Hallin read it. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. I can read and write. – Audrey by Mary Johnston