Synonyms for Left:


abandoned (adjective)
departed, over, extra, forsaken, split, continuing.
left-side (adjective)
larboard, port, southpaw, sinistral.
on west side when facing north (adjective)
near, sinistral, port, larboard, sinister.
politically radical (adjective)
liberal, progressive, revolutionary, leftist.


around, counterclockwise, clockwise, cross country, down, eastbound, downwind, homeward, ahead, sinister. artery, blacktop, avenue, beltway, boulevard, byroad, bypass, byway, approach, B-road. bout, boxer, box, arm-wrestling, boxing, count out, corner, cross, bantamweight, bare-knuckle. central, astride, mid, halfway, centrally, inmost, innermost. balk, ball boy, ball, ball girl, ballpark, baseball, base, baseline, at-bat, batboy. blest, Begot, bound, breastfed, Beheld, Bled, Besought, Bought, bent, babysat. comrade, the labor movement, bolshevik, commie, communist, the ANC, fellow traveler, the House Un-American Activities Committee, the HUAC. left (noun)
left-of-center, larboard, near, leftish, leftmost, leftist, liberal, left hand, left wing, nigh, port, leftfield, far left.
left side (noun)
southpaw, port, larboard.
radical (noun)
revolutionary, radical, progressive.


abandoned (verb)
discontinued, quit, surrendered, dropped, evacuated, relinquished, Vacated, defected, Forsook, deserted, resigned, abandoned, Abdicated, forsaken.
departed (verb)
gone, withdrawn, parted, exited, Decamped, Fled, Embarked, Went, departed, Withdrew.
left (verb)
emptied, Voided, Absented, abstracted, Omitted.
remaining (verb)
over, extra, continuing.

Other synonyms:

centrally, astride, homeward, counterclockwise, clockwise, downwind, eastbound. halfway, cross country, innermost, central, liberal. over. ahead. down. around. left-wing
left wing.
Other relevant words:
continuing, sinister, ahead, innermost, liberal, revolutionary, far left, communist, down, downwind, left-of-center, homeward, counterclockwise, around, over, leftist, box, leftmost, halfway, leftfield, progressive, split, near, radical, leftish, extra, sinistral, nigh.

Usage examples for left

  1. Who left this here? – Three Plays by Padraic Colum
  2. How can that be, if it was not left to you? – In Luck at Last by Walter Besant
  3. There it was left for some time. – The Romance of Natural History, Second Series by Philip Henry Gosse