Synonyms for Rose:


all (adjective)
rosaceous, roseate.


azure, amber, flushed, beige, alabaster, avocado, baby blue, red, rose-colored, reddish, amethyst, bluish, rosy, dawn-tinted, pink. bird of paradise, bougainvillea, alfalfa. chuck, blade, claw, the business end, attachment, edge, bristle, bit, butt, broomstick. blackthorn, broom, gorse, buddleia, coca, forsythia. chardonnay, bubbly, chianti, cognac, bordeaux, claret, burgundy, brandy, champagne, chablis. colors (noun)
blue, aquamarine, bronze, buff, apricot, brown, biscuit, aqua, blackness, black.
flower (noun)
flower, acacia, anemone, peony, smilax, daffodil, phlox, lavender, viburnum, lilac, begonia, snowball, lupine, sunflower, spirea, poinsettia, chrysanthemum, bluebell, baby's breath, mimosa, laurel, sweet pea, cowslip, hepatica, dogwood, lily, trillium, jonquil, iris, cornflower, honeysuckle, dandelion, verbena, fuchsia, geranium, gladiolus, heather, Queen Anne's Lace, foxtail, foxglove, bloodroot, strawflower, edelweiss, jasmine, flax, camellia, forget-me-not, water lily, hydrangea, periwinkle, Black-Eyed Susan, daisy, hollyhock, crocus, pansy, orchid, azalea, poppy, Sweet William, aster, primrose, hyacinth, hawthorn, African Violet, snowberry, zinnia, goldenrod, gardenia, violet, amaryllis, marigold, dahlia, rosemary, indigo, oleander, hibiscus, yucca, rhododendron, lady's slipper, duckweed, narcissus, carnation, magnolia, clematis, ranunculus, tulip, wisteria, lotus, petunia, fleur-de-lis, columbine, snapdragon, morning glory, mayflower, larkspur, buttercup, wallflower.
pink (noun)
fuchsia, roseate.
red (noun)
claret, dahlia, geranium, burgundy.
rose (noun)
pink, rosaceous, pink wine, chromatic, rose wine, roseate, blush wine, red.

n. & a.

red (noun, adjective)
burgundy, claret, rosy, dahlia, flushed, geranium.


ascended (verb)
Climbed, mounted, Floated, levitated, elevated, Soared, risen, lifted, Ascended, scaled.
elevated (verb)
uplifted, exalted, Reared, raised, upraised, Heightened, Erected, escalated, Hoisted.
heightened (verb)

Other synonyms:

red. flushed
Other relevant words:
blue, aquamarine, apricot, red, bristle, forsythia, chromatic, bluish, blade, chardonnay, pink, chuck, bubbly, butt, broom, reddish, rose-colored, amber, buff, attachment, azure, buddleia, champagne, bronze, brandy, bougainvillea, roseate, rose wine, black, rosy, broomstick, gorse, flushed, bordeaux, chianti, alfalfa, bit, chablis, edge, cognac, blackness, beige, blush wine, rosaceous, alabaster, biscuit, coca, baby blue, avocado, pink wine, claw, aqua, amethyst, blackthorn, burgundy, brown, claret.

Usage examples for rose

  1. " You see-" began Anna- Rose – Christopher and Columbus by Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim
  2. Millie rose from her chair. – The Truants by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  3. And his great wish rose again in his mind as he sat there, " Oh, if I could show this to Stineli!" – Rico And Wiseli Rico And Stineli, And How Wiseli Was Provided For by Johanna Spyri