Synonyms for Shine:


luminesce, display, render, bedazzle, offer, voice, dazzle, express yourself, give away, make no secret of something, show, blink, irradiate, manifest, surrender. give back, deflect, mirror, catch the light. glaze, beckon, wax, coordinate, buff, finish, feel/look like a million dollars/bucks, suit, be/look a picture, furbish, brush, catch someone's fancy, scour, clean, tone, cut a fine/ridiculous etc. figure, be someone's type. rinse, treatment, gloss, purification, sweep, detoxification, sleek. flourish, wipe, dab, thrive, scrub, flower, rub, rub out. make history, perform, nail, distinguish yourself, upstage, smash a record, cap, excel, sleekness, trump. brightness; polish (noun)
gloss, glint, rub, light, flash, radiance, show, sparkle, glaze, luster, gleam.
light (noun)
blaze, brilliance, illumination, sparkle, radiation, luster, brightness, beam, glow, luminousness, glitter, gleam, glint, scintillation, light, incandescence, lucidity, flash.
shine (noun)
effulgence, gleam, radiance, strike, smooth, refulgency, fall, beam, polish, refulgence, glow, glisten, glitter, smoothen, radiate, radiancy, reflect, glint.


brighten (verb)
illumine, lighten, intensify, burnish, brighten.
give off or reflect light (verb)
bedazzle, blink, glow, scintillate, mirror, luminesce, blaze, beam, glitter, irradiate, glisten, deflect, flare, radiate, illumine, illuminate, incandesce, dazzle.
light (verb)
scintillate, fire, illuminate, radiate, flood, flare, spot, fluoresce, incandesce.
polish, burnish (verb)
furbish, wax, buff, finish, sleek, brush, scour.
weather (verb)

Other synonyms:

thrive, sleekness. scour, finish, dazzle, perform, irradiate, upstage, beckon, buff, furbish, glaze. rub out, trump, gloss. flourish, coordinate, sleek, wipe. nail, tone, blink. suit, dab. rub. cap. do well
give back

Usage examples for shine

  1. The people you want to shine before. – Three Plays by Padraic Colum
  2. Now, you ain't any different, rain or shine – Country Neighbors by Alice Brown
  3. Queen of the wide air, thou most lovely queen Of all the brightness that mine eyes have seen, As thou exceedest all things in thy shine So every tale does this sweet tale of thine. – Life of John Keats by William Michael Rossetti