Synonyms for Admiration:


credit, a pat on the back, brownie points. favor, estimation, account, consideration. feelings, excite, amaze, dread. act (noun)
admiration (noun)
wonderment, wonder, appreciation, esteem.
amazement (noun)
wonder, awe.
approval (noun)
esteem (noun)
high regard, love, high opinion, great respect, Prizing, kneeling, obeisance, approbation, estimation, pleasurable contemplation, idolatry, favor, recognition, encomium, Valuing, liking, fondness.
feeling (noun)
great respect (noun)
Prizing, reverence, approval, approbation, adoration, liking, regard, praise, applause, fondness, obeisance, deference, wonder, estimation, idolatry, veneration, appreciation, glorification, esteem, idolization, honor, recognition, account, wonderment, love, homage, worship, favor, Valuing.
praise (noun)
compliment, eulogy, recommendation, glorification, sanction, flattery, commendation, approval, praise, applause, acclaim, endorsement, exaltation.
respect (noun)
regard, homage, respect, esteem, veneration, deference, honor, reverence.
worship (noun)
cultism, awe, prayer, devoutness, idolization, religion, piety, devotion, faithfulness, adoration, duty, deification, worship, Ardency.

Other synonyms:

brownie points, encomium. credit, love, idolatry. recognition, dread. estimation. account. consideration. preference
Other relevant words:
high opinion, consideration, excite, dread, liking, feelings, credit, Valuing, obeisance, appreciation, wonderment, high regard, approbation, love, kneeling, recognition, amaze, wonder, estimation, fondness, encomium, Prizing, account, great respect, idolatry, favor.

Usage examples for admiration

  1. He gave her a grateful look, and felt a strange, new thrill of admiration for his wife. – Over the Sliprails by Henry Lawson
  2. A sigh of admiration swept the room. – Lovey Mary by Alice Hegan Rice
  3. The men looked at her, admiration in every face. – The Enchanted Canyon by Honoré Willsie Morrow