Synonyms for Flair:


prowess. turn, have a magic touch, have/get something down to a fine art, aptness, be no slouch, be in practice, be a past master at doing something, be able to do something, instinct, gift, have an eye for, faculty, head, bent, approach, have a genius for (doing) something, can do something in your sleep. ability (noun)
deftness, skill, know-how, capability, proficiency, craft, adroitness, talent, expertise.
aptitude (noun)
artistry (noun)
style, artfulness.
bent (noun)
cleverness (noun)
cognition (noun)
flair (noun)
faculty, panache, gift, elan, head, turn, bent, ability, style, genius, aptness, dash, mastery, aptitude, knack.
skill (noun)
cunning, facility, acuity, capability, technique, mastery, dexterity, deftness, craft, experience, artfulness, knack, talent, adeptness, competence, aptitude, expertise, proficiency, skill, ability, know-how, genius, adroitness.
talent (noun)

Other synonyms:

aptness. instinct. faculty. gift. head. Other relevant words:
faculty, dash, instinct, elan, style, panache, head, turn, gift, bent, aptness.

Usage examples for flair

  1. He had been travelling a great deal, backwards and forwards between London and Versailles, charged with several special enquiries in which he had shown both steadiness and flair – Elizabeth's Campaign by Mrs. Humphrey Ward