Synonyms for Ostentation:


plain, grandioseness. exhibitionism, flashiness (noun)
array, spectacle, swagger, show, pretending, showiness, pomposity, fuss, pompousness, garishness, parade, pretension, magnificence, braggadocio, pomp, brag, flourish, pageantry, bravado, affectation, splendor, flamboyance.
frippery (noun)
showiness, gaudiness, flashiness.
ostentation (noun)
pageantry, flourish, swaggar, pomposity, shamelessness, Bravura, splashiness, blatancy, pomp and circumstance, formality, boastfulness, opulence, snazziness, bravado, rakishness, exhibitionism, parade, ostentatiousness, Flagrancy, jauntiness, garishness, pompousness, fuss, dramatics, gaudiness, flamboyance, sensationalism, grandiosity, vanity, affectedness, grandiloquence, flashiness, splendor, dash, histrionics, fanfare, showiness, inflation, pomp, showmanship, ornateness.
pretension (noun)
pretense, air, bluff, show, impersonation, imposture, counterfeit, forgery, imitation, pose, guise, charade, fakery, deceit, disguise, claim, pretension, mannerism, fraud, facade, front, cover, stage, artificiality, falseness, device, gimmick, affectation, masquerade.
pretentiousness (noun)
grandioseness, pompousness, grandiosity.
pride (noun)
cockiness, egoism, narcissism, high-and-mightiness, self-glory, grandness, haughtiness, conceit, assurance, smugness, huffiness, condescension, confidence, high-handedness, pride.

Other synonyms:

grandioseness, one-upmanship, braggadocio, hubris, self-promotion, grandstanding. swagger. grandeur

Usage examples for ostentation

  1. How many poor boys and young men he had helped along rough roads in their struggle up,- given them the coveted chance in one way and another, without ostentation or theory, simply in the human desire to help another with that surplus strength which had given him his position of vantage. – Together by Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
  2. In a short time the necessary number of purchasers was found, each having paid a quarter of a dollar, and then, with great ostentation the fakir returned to every one the money he had given. – The Adventures of a Country Boy at a Country Fair by James Otis
  3. March on my Fellowes: Make good this ostentation and you shall Diuide in all, with vs. – Coriolanus by Shakespeare, William