Synonyms for Afterglow:


closing time, graveyard shift, gloaming, evening, dinnertime, dinner table, drivetime, dusk, curfew. happiness (noun)
joy, nirvana, jollity, pleasure, euphoria, delight, contentment, elation, ecstasy, happiness.
residue (noun)
grounds, sawdust, dross, residue, chaff, sediment, artifact, slag, debris, vestige, leftovers, remnant, dregs, afterimage, scum, detritus, Filings, remainder, precipitate.
twilight (noun)
evening, dusk, gloaming.

Other synonyms:

dusk, graveyard shift, gloaming, dinnertime, dinner table, closing time, evening, drivetime. curfew. Other relevant words:
delight, happiness, dinnertime, evening, euphoria, nirvana, curfew, jollity, elation, drivetime, pleasure, contentment, ecstasy, joy, gloaming, dusk.

Usage examples for afterglow

  1. The diadem of palms on the last outlying islet of the Malay Archipelago, stands out in dark relief against the golden haze of the afterglow which floods the sky, and changes the purple waters into a sea of fire. – Through the Malay Archipelago by Emily Richings
  2. A hush had fallen upon the never- ending bustle of the town; and the air was full of a gray, uncanny afterglow which seemed to come up out of the water, for the sky was grown quite dark. – Master Skylark by John Bennett