Synonyms for Predominate:


go beyond, infest, litter, top, break the ... barrier, overwhelm, abound. have the ascendancy, reign supreme, emphasize, come before, lie at the heart of something, over, loom large, preponderate, matter, count, figure, signify. predominate (noun)
prevail, hulk, paramount, tower, loom, preponderant, overriding, dominate, rule, preponderating, predominant, dominant, reign.


be the most important, noticeable (verb)
reign, preponderate, dominate, command, overshadow, prevail, rule, manage.
defeat (verb)
surmount, outplay, overcome, win, overpower, checkmate, subject, conquer, crush, quell, foil, vanquish, overturn, rout, outdo, overthrow, trounce, subdue, defeat, triumph, humble, whip, beat, trump, capture.
excel (verb)
preponderate, surpass, eclipse, best, transcend, outclass, outperform, outstrip, excel, cap, exceed, overshadow.
influence (verb)
master, motivate, control, bias, authorize, influence, prejudice, sway, empower, pressure, affect, lead, command, power.

Other synonyms:

go beyond, overwhelm, infest, abound, top. come before, emphasize. signify. matter. count, figure. dominate
go beyond.
reign supreme.
Other relevant words:
signify, preponderant, tower, hulk, manage, preponderate, loom, overriding, figure, reign, loom large, have the ascendancy, reign supreme, abound, paramount, dominant, preponderating, infest, predominant, top.

Usage examples for predominate

  1. If we are, I believe that they should predominate over our whole life; let us have them incorporated in the basis of our government, and the national policy shaped by them. – Monks, Popes, and their Political Intrigues by John Alberger