Synonyms for Fraction:


portioned (adjective)
Zoned, segmented, allotted, partitioned, rationed, Portioned, subdivided, half, compartmented, sliced, divided, Dismembered, apportioned, cut, measured, budgeted, Parceled, shared, split, Pieced.


common fraction, billionth, common denominator, eleventh, fifteenth, And, fiftieth, fifth, eighth. trace, a bit, hint, sample, taster, a little. component (noun)
constituent, matter, ingredient, fragment, item, component, feature, article, filament, medium, element, section, material.
fraction (noun)
quarter, third, divide.
incompleteness (noun)
discontinuity, shortage, sectional, shortcoming, lack, incompleteness, shortfall, segmental, curtailment, omission, hiatus, deficiency, deficit, fragmentation, need, insufficiency, scantiness, gap.
incomplete number (noun)
subdivision, segment, bit, part, quotient.
mathematics (noun)
algebra, multiple, coefficient, algorithm, antilogarithm, dividend, denominator, logarithm, differential calculus, reciprocal, arithmetic, modulus, Multiplicator, radix, subtrahend, multiplier, cube, minuend, calculus, root, numerator, quadratics, increment, index, formula, power, multiplicand, geometry, trigonometry, integral, quotient, exponent, divisor, factor, square root, cube root.
number (noun)
denominator, numerator.
part (noun)
share, portion, fragment, slice, cut, piece, chunk, section, division, half.
portion (noun)
bit, share, cut, division, chunk, part, parcel, interest, helping, lot, commission, portion, allowance, quantum, percentage, zone, segment, stake, subdivision, compartment, measure, quota, allotment, split, piece, ration, partition, half, budget, sector, stock, member, slice, proportion.
section (noun)
study at part.


cognition (verb)

Other synonyms:

hint, taster. sample. trace. Other relevant words:
taster, sample, fifteenth, fifth, fiftieth, billionth, trace, eleventh, And, eighth, divide, hint.

Usage examples for fraction

  1. The figure halted and crouched lower, though the flash had gone again in a fraction of a second. – Into the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  2. That fraction was enough. – The Galaxy Primes by Edward Elmer Smith