Synonyms for Come to:


bring, add up, run to, come out, work out. hopelessly, such as it is, thorough, utterly, unspeakable, sadly, utter, excruciating, downright, sorry. trigger, bring/call someone/something to mind, refresh someone's memory, remind, jog someone's memory, awake, bring back, recall, flood back. claimant, cut off, be descended from, birthright, come down to, beneficiary, bequeath, bequest, come into. come around, finish with, call it a day/night, carry through, wrap up, rally, get through, recover, complete, conclude, clear, end. cost, amount to, total, add up to. come to (noun)
pertain, strike, refer, bear on, touch on, resuscitate, HIT, concern, relate, revive, touch.
expenditure (noun)


amount (verb)
total, touch.
compare (verb)
make (verb)
amount to.
perception (verb)
strike, HIT.
satisfy (verb)
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

bequest, flood back, claimant, add up to, remind, run to, bequeath, amount to. birthright, add up, finish with, come into, come down to. fulfill, total, work out, come out, trigger, awake, bring, bring back, recover. wrap up, cut off, recall. complete, conclude. get through. end. run. clear. add up