Synonyms for Reflection:


balance, amplitude, capillary action, air resistance, attraction, centrifugal force, absorbance, bonding, calorific, centripetal force. shine, appearance, shadow, glare, commitment, belief, likeness, impression, philosophy, picture, light, glitter, ideal, faith. mark, evidence, show, the color of someone's money, illustration, sign, smoking gun, pointer, proof, suggestion. forethought, introspection, soul-searching, reflex, same, repetition, assessment, focus. excogitation, brainwork, mirrored. artifact (noun)
criticism (noun)
disesteem, slur, imputation.
discredit (noun)
disesteem, imputation, disgrace.
idea (noun)
idea, plan, principle, perception, concept, vision, brainstorm, observation, ideation, supposition, conception, inspiration, image, opinion, notion, inkling, theory, design.
imitation (noun)
duplicate, mimicry, imitation, replication, pretense, sham, emulation, duplication, resemblance, portrayal, impersonation, burlesque, reproduction, mockery, copy, counterfeit, mirror, simulation, representation, parody, travesty, spoof, echo, carbon, caricature, parallel, pseudo.
intention (noun)
introspection (noun)
memory (noun)
memory, recollection, remembrance, reliving, flashback, reminiscence.
mirror image (noun)
echo, appearance, likeness, shadow, duplicate, picture, reproduction, image, light, representation.
reflection (noun)
manifestation, contemplation, observation, thoughtfulness, expression, reflectivity, rumination, mirror image, musing, reflexion.
soul-searching (noun)
thought (noun)
cogitation, daydreaming, consideration, wistfulness, attention, envisioning, speculation, analysis, lucubration, weighing, absorption, deliberation, reasoning, preoccupation, contemplation, meditation, musing, concentration, study, thinking, engrossment, intellection, calculation, Debating, brain work, evaluation, thought, pondering, imagination, cerebration, brooding, appraisal.
thought, thinking (noun)
contemplation, pondering, rumination, opinion, cerebration, brainwork, absorption, musing, deliberation, speculation, cogitation, impression, idea, observation, meditation, imagination, study, consideration.

Other synonyms:

forethought, introspection, soul-searching, mirrored, excogitation, brainwork. assessment. focus, repetition. Other relevant words:
glare, introspection, impression, suggestion, disesteem, manifestation, shadow, assessment, proof, soul-searching, appearance, light, rumination, repetition, imputation, reflectivity, reflex, ideal, shine, sign, likeness, picture, excogitation, thoughtfulness, brainwork, mark, slur, reflexion, mirror image, expression, evidence, belief.

Usage examples for reflection

  1. After a moment's reflection as he stood looking down upon her, he went on excitedly, " I'll tell you something, Betty. – Her Weight in Gold by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. And after reflection she added simply: " Poor George!" – The Stronger Influence by F.E. Mills Young
  3. A moment's reflection made him certain of his conclusion. – Wych Hazel by Susan and Anna Warner