Synonyms for Spark:


bite, novelty, vitality, life, color, mystery, fascination, buzz, animation. flash, gleam, onset, starting point, glimmer, blink, glance, appearance, commencement, introduction, outset, arrival, beginning, wink, conception. nucleus, detonation, draw, defuse, arm, armed, germ, kernel, bud, duel, brandish, seed, embryo, armament, armorer, deploy. brand, soot, stub, fumes, cinder, smoke, ember, charcoal, ash. flush, surge, twinge, spasm, outburst, spurt, rush, impulse, fit. bring back, jog someone's memory, refresh someone's memory, flood back, recall, bring/call someone/something to mind, remind, come to, awake. blaze, shine, glare, catch the light, flare. radiance, dazzle. inflict, unloose, bring on, give rise to something, invite, precipitate, loose. agent provocateur (noun)
beginning (noun)
bud (noun)
germ, embryo.
electricity (noun)
voltage, amplifier, charge, megahertz, wattage, ac, ic, connection, amperes, capacitor, processor, insulator, diode, anode, electricity, electrode, ohm, tweeter, television, positive, watt, transmitter, network, receiver, electrostatic, fm, radar, cycle, resistance, kilohertz, motherboard, video, negative, shock, triode, direct current, crt, induction, capacitance, memory, radio, cathode, electromagnetism, impedance, transistor, volt, current, magnetism, polarity, backplane, discharge, circuit, alternating current, juice, speaker, electronics, computer, tube, conductor, microphone, frequency, circuit card, resistor, monitor.
energy (noun)
fervor, zip, zing, effervescence, puissance, vigor, stamina, activity, snap, might, pep, vivacity, spirit, verve, spunk, vim, energy, potency, strength, zeal.
glitter (noun)
glow, flash.
person (noun)
Muriel Sarah Spark, Muriel Spark, Dame Muriel Spark.
spark (noun)
Dame Muriel Spark, trigger, activate, arc, glint, actuate, nucleus, flicker, trigger off, touch off, electric discharge, gleam, sparkle, Muriel Spark, glow, Muriel Sarah Spark, flare, light, trip, fire, electric arc, discharge, spark off.


animate (verb)
energize, impel, urge, incite, invigorate, rouse, revive, activate.
arouse (verb)
compel (verb)
compel, browbeat, stimulate, bulldoze, daunt, push, incite, stress, intimidate, bully, cause, oblige, foment, hijack, impel, goad, press, nag, propel, galvanize, urge, mandate, coerce, dragoon, motivate, pressure, dictate.
court (verb)
energize (verb)
empower, power, activate, force, recharge, rouse, energize, invigorate, revive, drive, fire.
spark (verb)
trigger, touch off, precipitate, stimulate.
weather (verb)

Other synonyms:

cinder, flash, vitality, fumes, smoke, stub, soot, ash. charcoal, ember, nucleus, fascination, germ, novelty, life, bud. animation, embryo, color, mystery, brand. glimmer, seed, bite. kernel, gleam. buzz. dame muriel spark
Dame Muriel Spark.
touch off.
Other relevant words:
charcoal, germ, color, glimmer, cinder, sparkle, animation, spark off, shine, blink, embryo, electric discharge, glare, Muriel Sarah Spark, ember, kernel, flash, trip, light, mystery, ash, bite, bud, glow, brand, touch off, arc, stub, glint, nucleus, precipitate, radiance, glance, trigger, life, gleam, actuate, trigger off, Muriel Spark, electric arc, blaze, seed, Dame Muriel Spark, vitality, wink, flare, dazzle, flicker, soot, smoke, flush.

Usage examples for spark

  1. Therefore the spark would that it had been no more! – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  2. Vittoria, without a spark of interest, asked why the Signor Antonio should be following the army. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. Just like him, though, to shake hands yesterday without a spark of feeling, and then send his good- byes to reach me after he was well on his way. – The White Wolf and Other Fireside Tales by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch