Synonyms for Flow:


alcoholics anonymous, binge drinking, Al-Anon, alcoholism, abuse, dependence, aa, cheers, designated driver, delirium tremens. alternating current, ac, circulate, charge, active, arc light, arc, brownout. allowance, discharge, amount, batch, empty, balance, capacity, allocation, block, enter, arithmetic, accumulation, backlog. bunch, ride up, well, fit, breathe, pucker, bag, surge, rush, hug. cast up, burst, dash, glide, channel, crest, roll, deepen, come in, sail, break, catch. head, forge ahead, Upspring, originate, derive, start, carry on, walk-on, stem, press. file, crawl, cordon, overflow, teem, phalanx, abound, crocodile, big, caravan, procession, bristle, line, pullulate, rich, swarm, chain, column. color, tide, engulf, heighten, come over, drift, spate, grip, sweep over, pulse, grow. last, take hold, latency, continue. flush, in, eddy, maelstrom, drip, down. fustian, formality, formulation, idiolect, monotone, diction, fluency, gymnastics, delivery. conduit (noun)
current (noun)
drift, up-current, effusion, outflow, draft, movement, surge, breeze, discharge, indraft, emanation, leakage, oozing, tide, outpouring, progress, wind, slipstream, spout, spurt, river, downdraft, dribble, overflow, ebb.
flood (noun)
flood, spate.
issue, abundance (noun)
outflow, current, leakage, movement, wind, spate, oozing, effusion, course, spout, run, emanation, progress, drift, discharge, gush, dribble, river, breeze, spurt, ebb, outpouring, tide, stream, flood, draft, flux.
outpouring (noun)
stream (noun)
tidal wave, jet, stream, waterfall, wave, flood, high tide, water, cataract.


move (verb)
course, stir, go, relocate, transfer, proceed, shift, budge, run, transit, move, actuate, pass.
stream (verb)
gush, pour.

Other synonyms:

effusion, ride up, river, idiolect, cordon, progress, circulate, pullulate, pucker, movement. forge ahead, grow, abound, gymnastics, monotone, breathe, spate, teem, latency, maelstrom, hug, fustian, eddy, channel, drift, Upspring, diction. fluency, rush, procession, carry on, walk-on, crocodile, bristle. derive, formulation, bunch. crawl, overflow, glide, continue. last, sail, pulse, column. drip, flush, delivery. originate, roll, bag. file. chain, fit. press. start. head. in. down. line. current
current, tide.
pullulate, teem.

Usage examples for flow

  1. At length towards midnight the flow of the narrative would suddenly stop, and after an interval we would all begin to cry out to him to go on. – Far Away and Long Ago by W. H. Hudson
  2. It must flow straight out of the brush. – Modern Painting by George Moore
  3. It is simply the same characteristic flow which one has known before. – Castles and Chateaux of Old Touraine and the Loire Country by Francis Miltoun