Synonyms for Jest:


innuendo, pun, punch line, wordplay, a play on words. butt, laughingstock, mockery, pull someone's leg, respect, tell, crack a joke, make fun of. funny, ha-ha. act (noun)
jocularity, joke.
crack (noun)
derision (noun)
laughingstock, mockery.
jest (noun)
funny, gag, jape, jocularity, joke, laugh, quip, ridicule, wheeze, yak.
wit (noun)


banter (verb)
joke, taunt, make fun of.
body (verb)
communication (verb)
jest (verb)
deride, gibe, jeer, kid, mock, rag, razz, roast, scoff, sneer.
ridicule (verb)
burlesque, caricature, denigrate, deprecate, deride, gibe, humiliate, insult, jeer, joke, kid, mimic, mock, quip, rag, razz, ride, ridicule, roast, scoff, sneer, taunt.

Other synonyms:

ha-ha. laughingstock, pun. butt. mockery. funny, tell. banter
mock, make fun of.
crack a joke.
Other relevant words:
butt, funny, gag, ha-ha, innuendo, jape, jocularity, laugh, laughingstock, mockery, pun, respect, tell, wheeze, wordplay, yak, crack a joke, make fun of.

Usage examples for jest

  1. I wisht you'd been a boy cousin- I jest do! – Janice Day by Helen Beecher Long
  2. Some of these Poke Stover brought down, " jest to keep his hand in," as he declared. – For the Liberty of Texas by Edward Stratemeyer
  3. He was always turning their serious moments into a jest – The Bad Man by Charles Hanson Towne