Synonyms for Hop:


baby's breath, bird of paradise, aster, begonia, anemone, alfalfa, bougainvillea, amaryllis, bounce, bluebell, Black-Eyed Susan. disembarkation, deplane, flight, journey, change, get on, trip, off, board, on, transfer, catch, jaunt, embark. chatter, chirp, caw, cheep, brood, alight, flap, beat, move, cry, coo. gallop, surge, speed, ball, work, charge, race, be quick on your feet, dance, dart, outpace, hasten. dive, fly. flying tackle, flip, running jump. cruise, day trip, drive, commute, excursion, circuit, crossing, exploration, expedition. overreach, cross a boundary/line, overstretch, overcompensate, rampage, max out, overdo, go mad, go to extremes. hop (noun)
record hop, skip, hop-skip, hops.
leap (noun)
hurdle, skip, spring, vault, jump, leap.
leaps (noun)
hurdle, skip, spring, vault, jump, leap.


jump on one leg (verb)
hurdle, vault, leap, bound, skip, bounce, dance, trip, spring.
leap (verb)
jump, vault, leap, capriole, pounce, bound, hurdle, spring, skip.
motion (verb)
hop-skip, skip.

Other synonyms:

bounce, overreach, flying tackle, running jump, dance, overcompensate. overstretch, rampage, flight, overdo. ball. dive, flip. fly. travel
Other relevant words:
flight, move, record hop, overstretch, bounce, dance, dive, hops, trip, dart, ball, journey, flip, cruise, overreach, jaunt, hop-skip, fly, gallop.

Usage examples for hop

  1. Herbert had the stick, and it was just as well he had, for the Monkey, being rid of it, could hop around better. – The Story of a Monkey on a Stick by Laura Lee Hope
  2. When I came to the bank of the stream, I thought perhaps he would hop in of his own accord. – Stories of Many Lands by Grace Greenwood